Toss and Fetch

1. Sacrificed in Vain?

(Posted on at least two tavern walls, numerous notice-boards and the official notice-board of the Allied Brewers and Distillers Guild.)

Wanted. Adventuring party (or individuals tallying no less than four, no more than eight) to Investigate Disturbance. Official Guild Contract Only. Apply at Allied Brewers and Distillers Guildhall, Sth Guilder District. Note: Underground Professionals Preferred, no Experience Necessary. Rewards Generous. 

2. Don't Default the Bank.

Resolved. See Adventure Log 3. Hunting the Hunters, or Leanora in the Characters Section.

(Extensively posted throughout Westgate, the Citadel Districts and along The Way of Conquest).

Be it known that by Proclamation of the Guild Conclave, sponsored by the Brotherhood of the Sacred Vault, the following terms be true and be open to all citizens and visitors to Kordova. The Adventuring "party" known as the Sons of the Ash Wood is hereby Proscribed as Outlaw and subject to the usual loss of privileges attached to the Proscribed. All parties involved with such a group are found to have contributed to:

Denial of Service to a Guild whilst under Official Contract.

Denial of Repayment of Debt to the bank of the Brotherhood of the Sacred Vault.

Denial of Recoupment of Losses for equipment rendered in return for said Contract.

The Brotherhood of the Sacred Vault offers 250gp for the head of the leader of the Sons of the Ash Wood, one Silvar Ninefingers (now deceased – Shot repeatedly by Silifrey Dotsk at very close range), and an additional 25gp per head of his known associates.

Dorvan Cleftchin – (deceased – stabbed by Sharah after a 'lascivious' dance).

Gregor the Mute – (deceased – writhing in agony as Cathrykan's magic consumes his face).

Syndell of Tymora - (deceased – neck snapped by a warhammer blow from Gaukin).

Flynn and Glynn Abbott – (absconded to Ashmoot, to their family farm).

Sorchack Dungmere - (deceased – decapitated in Ashwin Grove by Sharah Bloodcast).

Toss and Fetch

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