The Word on the Streets

1. Uncooperative Cooperative.

(Amongst the Thieves and Beggars of Kordova's streets one name is synonymous with gossip. Old Feldohan knows everyone worth knowing, and has managed to live to an indeterminate, ripe old age. Surely he can hook a budding Foot-pad or Assassin up with the contacts needed to make an informed decision on Kordova's oft-times mean streets.)

Old Feldohan is rumoured, along with Vim Nander of The Twists, to be one of Kordova's best informed citizens. He has certainly managed to evade a gruesome death on several occasions, and it is rumoured that he has been the guest of the Royal Prosecutor and The Iron Fist and still lived to tell the tale. Surely a man such as this might be able to toss a few delectable crumbs the way of a young rogue starting out in Kordova?

Player Secret – Kosef Mara

2. Please think of the Children.

(Most denizens of the districts south of canal know that…)

Lost children, waifs and urchins who don't necessarily want to graduate up through the ranks of Kordova's underworld hope they end up with Phae Gann. Her brood of 'children' and cats take up a significant warehouse in the midst of the Warrens. Sure the children engage in all manner of petty crime, but they sleep safe, and Mother Gann is notorious for encouraging this or that child to try a hand at an honest living. Most work out. Some end up with the more vicious gangs and are unfortunately lost.

3. Down and Dirty.

(Passed on in Cant or whispers from the less discreet, it appears one of the Gangs is making a move…downward?")

Dirty Pietro, a member of Troll Hats Brigade, was drunk this past market-day and let slip a few items he shouldn't have. Most importantly that Troll Hat is convinced that the rumours of an "Underdark Port" beneath the Legion District are true. The gang believes the port to be situated along the river Malravan nearest the southern point of the walls. Confirmation of this rumour could net a healthy profit if Troll Hat can be convinced of the information's authenticity. Dirty Pietro also let slip (although not in so many words) that the gangs reasoning is that access to such an area by clandestine means could prove a lucrative smuggling or thieving option for their nefarious and unwashed group.

4. Turf Rumblings.

(Inside taverns or bars connected to Kordova's seamy underside a boast may easily land a person in hot water. Unusual then that the following is being trumpeted loudly {after a few ales} by members of The Old Firm, a known criminal gang out of The Warrens.)

The Old Firm seem convinced that they are going to take a significant prize off of the rival Etto Parade Boys. The streets surrounding Fletcher's Square in the Warrens pay protection to the Etto Boys. Their namesake street being adjacent to the square. A turf war looks imminent, and the Legion will most likely ignore the result, regardless of it they hear of it or not.


Resolved – See Adventure Log Rumble in the Square.

Player Secret – Kosef Mara, Erro Moonshadow

5. Dockside Disturbances.

(Up and down the southern streets of the New City, particularly Westgate, Dockside and Selune's Tear.)

Dock dues have risen outrageously. Space is at a premium, and the dock sergeants are taking undue advantage by greasing their own palms into the bargain. Lord Iras Salva is being cursed by barge masters, merchants and guilders alike up and down the district of Dockside.

6. Just a Small Boost Please.

(Scratched in Thieves Cant on two separate yet strangely similar privy walls in the Twists and a public urinal in Bordonna.)

Gibberish…symbol…symbol. Man holding his genitals…symbol…3 scratches horizontally. Gendra sucks the best…symbol…symbol…2 vertical scratches…Y-shaped figure…4 dots.

The Word on the Streets

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