The Local Area

1. A Poorer Vintage.

(From fruit and wine merchants operating across Kordova, itinerant workers, and household slaves of the Vinyards region to the north and north-east of Kordova).

The crops of House Salvitello have failed again for the second year running. What was a disaster has become ruinous, with the family rumoured to be in an extremely embarrassed financial situation. Elder members of the family have taken to seeking help from all manner of vingnerons, horticulturalists and even itinerant wizards in the hopes of discovering the reason behind the withered crops before the family is reduced to penury.

The vines themselves wither from the outside leaves, strangling the delicate vine shoots with their own decayed tendrils. White fuzz appears on the outside of the vines, before finally the entire plant withers back to it's heart trunk. The result is a nearly dead, fruitless vine, dormant during the period of year in which it should be experiencing the most growth. Strangely the other local vineyards are unaffected, some as nearby as across the cart-trails that crisscross the hillsides.

2. Great Southern Blight?

(Gleaned from Boatmen of the West Ride, unloading barges of fruit and vegetables at the Foreign Quays. Also a topic of discussion amongst grocers, merchant speculators and waggon teams in the various markets of Kordova).

The bountiful fruit supply from the West Ride region adjoining the Shaar has become extremely variable in its quality. The quantities have become vast, with fruit selling for record lows. However all varieties, from peaches and pears to fomor fruit and cablan melons, have been dramatically over-ripe, in some cases bursting with new seed as if trying to re-grow in the shortest time possible. The boatmen themselves cannot account for the phenomenon with a consistent answer.

The current favourite story doing the rounds is that the Harvest King has returned from his home beneath the Firesteap Mountains and is paying court to the Spring Goddess somewhere near the town of Sherra. This preposterous assertion has been strangely echoed by Dwarven goldsmiths, who upon arrival at Sherra were turned away, although not before all of their beer supply had triple fermented and soured beyond even a Dwarven capacity for strong ale.

16th Flamerule – Not only have you witnessed the 'creep' of over-ripe fruit and vegetables in the village of Salva on the 12th, but now the piles of semi-rotten vegetable matter are starting to become a problem in Kordova itself. This was definitely discussed at the Conclave meeting on the 15th, and Silvio says that not much was achieved beyond assigning some of the Dockside and Westgate legionaries to clean-up duties.

18th Flamerule – Piles of refuse are being hastily cleared in preparation for the 'holiday' season in Kordova. 'Exepdition B' of the Sunset Wanderers have since identified the town of Sherra as the centre of the 'rot'. Any produce that originates or passes close to the region surrounding the south western town appears to take on an over-ripe consistency almost immediately and the area around Sherra (particularly near the highway east and west) is dotted with piles of rotting vegetable matter. The dwarves of Erruggar's Shrine are still trading with the people of Sherra via a human trader known as Barro Hamander, and Quailyth Half-Elven stated that they were polite to her, even if the apples she bought were so mushy as to be almost inedible. The Blight has now spread to encompass all areas south of the River Malravan and East of Kordova.

3. Settling Scores.

(Discussed by off-duty legionaries, merchants and locals on the west side of Kordova closest to the Transient Camps on the riverbank).

Captain Tycho of the Westgate Barracks I, is gravely concerned by a series of events in the Transient Camps area over the past weeks. Three dead bodies have been recovered down-river, all with their throats cut and their faces slashed. Reports suggest that some disagreement has occurred between differing Traveller's camps, however the close-mouthed 'residents' of the area are not assisting authorities. Traders are beginning to suggest that the road West may not be as safe as all that, despite legion patrols, and Captain Tycho wants to have the matter cleared up before the Trade Fair of Waukeen floods the city with yet more visitors, or his superiors begin to feel that someone else might be better suited to the role of Gate Captain.

4. The Lost Waggoneers.

(Posted on the Estate outer walls of House Divielto in the Bordonna District, a small and compact Family Townhouse Compound).

Enquries Within: Wanted, Stout Adventurers to investigate the disappearance of three waggons in the Whisperwind Hills. Non-Guild Contract. Applicants must have own equipment.

5. Writhing Worms.

(Found etched in "Hunters" Cant around the base of ancient stumps, or on the boles of prominent trees, about the banks of the river Malravan).

Two arrows …stylised owl …two series of five dots …crossed serpents?? …indistinct mark.

6. Shared Delusions.

(Released after 24th Flamerule).

The Local Area

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