Sons of the Ash Wood

An adventuring group out of Ashmoot, the 'Sons' attempted an ill-fated expedition into the Firesteap Mounatins and rather than try to complete their mission, they absconded with the capital and equipment left, defaulting their creditors and employers, the Brotherhood of the Sacred Vault. The resulting litigation (sans Defendants) saw the 'Sons' proscribed and a Warrant/Bounty issued for their execution.

This was acted upon on the 12th of Flamerule 472KR by members of The Sunset Wanderers, Kordova's official Adventurers Guild. (See Adventure Log 3. Hunting the Hunters).

Members (& Now Former Members):

Silvar Ninefingers - (now deceased – Shot repeatedly by Silifrey Dotsk at very close range).

Dorvan Cleftchin – (deceased – stabbed by Sharah after a 'lascivious' dance).

Gregor the Mute – (deceased – writhing in agony as Cathrykan's magic consumes his face).

Syndell of Tymora - (deceased – neck snapped by a warhammer blow from Gaukin).

Flynn and Glynn Abbott – (absconded to Ashmoot, to their family farm).

Sorchack Dungmere - (deceased – decapitated in Ashwin Grove, outside Salva by Sharah Bloodcast).

Sons of the Ash Wood

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