Religion in Kordova

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State Religions:

House of Altan - Royal Cult – Consecrated Altar of Altan

House of Carmino – Royal Cult – Consecrated Altar of Carmino

House of Thala – Royal Cult – Consecrated Altar of Thala

Loviatar – Our Mistress of Pain – Temple of Eviscerated Joy

Official Churches:

Chauntea – Earthmother – Church of Her Munificent Bounty

Gond – The Wonderbringer – Guildhall of Marvels

Gond as Nebelun the Meddler (Gnomish Pantheon).

Lathander – The Morninglord – High House of the Morning

Marthammor Duin – Finder-of-Trails – Stonecutters Guildhall

Morndinsamman Sites – Erruggars Shrine

Mask – Shadowlord - Church of the Well Stocked Purse

Mystra – Mother of All Magic – The Clifftower

Oghma – Lord of Knowledge – Repository of the Divine Wisdom

Shar – Mistress of the Night – The Sanctuary of Secrets

Shaundakul – The Helping Hand – Temple of the West Wind

Sune – (The) Firehair – Clerestory of True Love Found

Tymora – Lady Luck – Temple of the Fortunate Coin

Tyr – The Even-Handed – Chapel of Justice

Waukeen – Merchant's Friend – She Has Risen in Profit

Waukeenite Sites - Monastery of the Refilled Urn

Kordovan Cults:

Azuth – Patron of Wizards – The Clifftower

Cyric – Prince of Lies - Sanctum of the Dark Sun

Deneir – Lord of Glyphs and Images – Runesmith College

Helm – The Watcher – House of the Knights of the Azure Drake

Vergadain – The Merchant King - Stonecutters Guildhall

Regional Cults:

Fenmarel Mestarine - The Lone Wolf – Sunset Grove, Duskwood.

Illanre – The Spring Maiden – Hall of the Dance, Sherra.

Ilneval – The War Leader – Eastern Orc Encampment

Shargaas – The Silent Bloodletter - Western Orc Encampment

Tempus – Lord of Battles – The Battle Fields, Dagarno's Field.

Valkur – Captain of the Waves – Blessed House of River and Shore

Yjanre – The Harvest King – The Grove, Eastern Duskwood.

Outlawed Faiths:

House Bosra – Royal Cult – Abandoned Altar of Bosra

Leira – Lady of the Mists – (Unknown) – Player Secret Kosef Mara

Selune – The Moon Maiden – Selunes Tear

Thalasian Animism – Lords of Fire, Magma and Ash

Outside Kordia:

Akadi – The Queen of Air – Blaskaltar, Western Shaar

Callarduran Smoothhands – Deep Brother – The Underdark


Kavaki – The Ram Lord – Icerim Mountains

The Morndinsamman – Dwarven Pantheon – The Great Rift.


The Seldarine – Elven Pantheon - 

Tchazzar – Thrice Victorious – Cimbar / Chessenta


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Religion in Kordova

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