Political Machinations

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Factions of Kordia and Beyond

Noble Houses of Kordia

Political Organisations

1. Military Maneuvers.

A). A large portion of the Burning Spear Legion are currently at Legion's Rest across the Redwyn Pass. In addition legion numbers have been stepped up toward Derlusk on the Way of Conquest and in Valda at the feet of Mount Rothoa. This means that a vast number of the Legionaries in Kordova are newer recruits or older men, augmented significantly by members of the Iron Fist and the two contracted Orc Tribes currently camped south of the Legion District.

B). The Royal Prosecutor, Lord Darvan Muertollia has recently acquired a distressed estate (belonging to a noble family of Innarith) a short distance from The Flats. From a small walled country house he has expanded a curtain wall and training fields have been erected beyond it. Royal messengers and "grey-robed" figures have been seen regularly exiting the city and returning soon after, though so far their business has remained a closely guarded secret.

C). 22nd of Flamerule. Fighting has intensified around Derlusk, with the Separatists gaining ground near Fuerna. This is due primarily to their use of guerilla tactics employing the vicious sticky alchemists fire thought to come from Hylaea. The Orc encampments around the south gates of the legion district have been partially emptied of troops (confirmed by Party of Expedition B when passing recently).

2. Rival States.

A). The cities of the Mivasch Confederacy have been moving supplies west in anticipation of King Ottovar continuing hostilities despite a current truce. They have a small fleet of fast moving vessels in the northern waters of the Lake of Steam.

B). Derlusk continues to consistently offer background resistance to Kordian rule. The hills and woods of the city-state abound with disaffected citizens who have taken up banditry against Kordovan interests as their new profession. This has escalated (see above).

C). The states of Yallasch and Akror have recently concluded a trade and military defense treaty that has been the signal for an increase in the movement of cottons and linens north along the Golden Road.

3. The Guild Conclave.

Once a month, on the 15th, the Guild Conclave sits and discusses matters brought before it by the various representatives, royalty or more rarely private petitioners.

A). The Undercity Hucksters could lose their seat on the Conclave and be relegated to representative status. This also applies to the Sunset Wanderers Adventurers Guild. Queen Sydana has been urging Prince Reagas for some time to implement a policy of promoting younger trade guilds in favour of the traditional Conclave seats. Rumblings within the greater guild fraternity suggest that she may well get her way with both of these guilds weilding less than impressive power in Kordova at present.

B). Dock space is at a premium. The Sergeants of the Dockside district, controlled ostensibly by the Legion, but in fact by Iras Salva, Warden of the Ports, have cracked down on import duties and mooring fees. More ships into Rishadan means more boats and barges in Kordova and the dock area is struggling to cope. A Conclave Discussion will most likely be tabled and considered given the finite space along the River Malravan.

4. Kordovan Family Problems.

A). The family Salvitello is known to be in a distressed financial state due to repeated crop failure. The Brotherhood of the Scared Vault are rumoured to be their impatient creditors.

B). House Carmino is bereft of a male heir, the sole child of this generation being Adana, the ward of her uncle, Balthas Carmino. As a former royal house the evaporation of the Carmino's (inheritance is through the male name and line) would provide some maneuvering room for other less prominent families.

C). In addition to the highly anticipated announcement of Her Royal Highness the Princess Tevalya's engagement to "Handsome" Hermetta, people have suggested a further royal wedding will soon be in the offing. The prince, Giano Altan, has been seen regularly in the company of Balthas Carmino as he attends to his duties at the University. This has sparked speculation that the spry old man has found a solution to the family's lack of a male heir and done the university a favour into the bargain.

D). House Gollodra have been ousted as heads of the Dyers and Weavers Guild and replaced by a consortium of common born shop-keepers. The vote, taken last Highday, has created an egalitarian marketplace for cloth as the family formerly maintained a tight in-house pricing strategy. The new consortium is especially open in it's dealings and is rumoured to be very interested in linens and cloths from the immediate south.

E). The family Divielto is rumoured to be on the verge of financial ruin. Already their townhouse in Bordonna is less than what a noble compound could be and recently they have angered Iras Salva, Warden of the Ports, by rejecting the courtship of his eldest child (and prominent duellist) Adriano.

5. Land Grants and Purchases.

A) Lord Muertollia has recently purchased a distressed estate. See 1b, above. This purchase covers an area of some 20 acres.

B) Lord Halifax Quinto, (unexpectedly interested in serious matters for once), has cast the blocking vote amongst the Royal Council to ensure that the small range of mountains near Londas to the north will not be opened to the Opaline Ring. An old mining haunt, the mountains have been listed as out-of-bounds despite their apparent lack of resources. Quinto and  Terranta, the main blocking lords, claim antagonising tribes of Chondalwood forest dwellers nearby would be foolish given the current military efforts elsewhere. The King was very inclined to agree.

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Political Machinations

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