Initial Information

1. Clearing out the Cobwebs.

(Posted at some crossroads and on the exterior of more community minded temples or shrines).

The state of the district of Selune's Tear is a disgrace. With work on the prison and military headquarters incomplete and temporarily halted all manner of vermin and miscreants are gravitating to the building site. The [[Association of Benevolent Churches]] asks for assistance from outside sources to complete a 'Pest Control' sweep of the building works. Dispensation to access the normally restricted site and generous reward included. Applicants may direct enquiries to Erruggar Deepshaft, Guildhall of the Ancient Order of Stonecutters, Marthammor Duin Annex, Guilder District.

2. Suspicious Statues.

(The notice-board of the Temple of the Fortunate Coin, Tymora – Lavrana District).

Stout Adventurers Wanted. Reconnaissance of Duskwood mid-Glades required as a Private Matter of Urgency. Enquire Within. Guild Chartered Applicants Only.

13th Flamerule:

Job Taken by Sunset Wanderers. Istvaan leading Party.

Kennard, Kenjii, Flick and Arkaela. Expected to return in 14-16 days.

3. The Priest of the Feast.

(Joked about at length by bored citizens in taverns who take delight in the downfall of one of the snooty upper class).

Joaquin Caldara (of a noble family from Valda near Mt Rothoa) a ranking priest of Lathander has been disgraced and effectively stripped of his duties, rank and privileges. Found drunk, half-naked and swimming in a punchbowl (an enormous vessel borrowed from the Guild of Metalworkers) at a recent guild function the young man was given the public dressing down of a lifetime by High Priest Moro and expelled from their order. This would seem harsh if it weren't for the fact that this event is a repetition of the previous year, where the only significant differences involved a frog and a bunch of lilacs.

The young priest has fled the city and rather than return home, rumours suggest he was last seen weeping and meandering his way into the Whisperwind Hills. Most people conclude by suggesting that this is the end of the young man, most likely at the paws of some disgruntled large cat or bear.

4. "The End is Coming!"

(The Emergence of Doomsayers in the countryside of Kordia and Beyond).

Tarvald, Svyrr, Nefario.

Initial Information

The Destiny of Kord Khaz