Current Treasure

Current Treasure.

GM Note: Please be careful not to 'Double-Up' on items, particularly consumables. I will write a full list here and attempt to indicate if something has been claimed. Please alert me to any issues or mistakes ASAP. Items and information under Green Headings are subject to the Character(s) actually contributing such to the Guild. Otherwise, it's yours!!

(GM) – Khaz (DMG) Dungeon Masters Guide (XG) Xanathar's Guide

Keldan - You may want to look at a dispensation from Sedero Ma to join the Guild if you want to share in remuneration in the future. (Also don't stress, I've got a way to get you fired)!!

Riding Animals – For Reference: 5 Packhorses, 1 Mule, 1 Palfrey, Cathrykan's Courser and Treava's Palfrey now located at Hall (1 Packhorse enroute – Erro).

Additional Transport – A Promise and a Hire for Viella's Breath (Galleas), captained by Thrannik Oddfoot out of Hylaea.


Sessions 17 & 18. The Abduction.

Derenteriel, Evnarra, Keldan, Kosef and Sharah.

Total Conversion (GP): 5,202.25

Tithed (GP): 578.02


PP: 230  GP: 485  EP: 35  SP: 4125  CP: 4225

Trade Worthy Mundane Items:

Ancient GP: 125  Ancient SP: 250

Braziers, Cloaks, Pouches, Decorative Metalwork, Tapestries, etc…

GP Approx. Value: 345gp

Gemstones, Jewels and Cut Metals:

Pearls, Rhodochrosite, Obsidian, Iron Bars, etc…

GP Approx. Value (Post-Evnarra Check): 1450gp.

Magic/Special Items:

Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location. (DMG)

The Tome of Seda (Wooden Plated Spellbook) – Evnarra. (GM)

Pearl of Power. (DMG)

Periapt of Wound Closure. (DMG)

Thumper – Blackwood Club +1. (DMG)

Adamantine Full Plate. (DMG)

Adamantine Chainmail. (DMG)

29 Crossbow Bolts +1. (DMG)

Fishmonger – Trident +2 of Water-Breathing. (GM)

Brooch of Shielding. (DMG)

Dustblade – Scimitar +2. (DMG)

Potions – Climbing, Greater Healing x2, Healing x5. (DMG)

Spellscrolls – Jump, Heroism, (DMG)


1. A changeling, by name Jul'mae Terinne, escaped the doom of her 'companions' and was captured by The Wanderers. Unfortunately her whereabouts, and that of Kosef who escorted her to the Hall of the Sunset are now unknown.

2. A noble of House Hermetta, by name Micah. Was to be escorted under guard back to the Hall of the Sunset. During the immediate aftermath, he was separated from the group along with Derenteriel. His whereabouts are unknown, although Derenteriel is at the Hall.

Story: Tapestries, amulets and paraphernalia either kept or re-created in the mold of the Forbidden King Drazzar's symbology and reign. Proof positive that the Lord Hermetta, and many of his kin (Ernesto Excepted) have been actively engaged in the resurrection of the Cults of Fire and Ash. Add the testimony of the Wanderers, evidence from the Colosseum and the ledgers, etc from Marran, and it would seem that the 'Hermetta Goose' is well and truly cooked.

Pre-Session 17 Roundup. Leftovers for Vault.

All Wanderers.

Recoverable Hermetta Uniforms. Higher Cult Robes and Symbols.

Suits of Normal Leather, Diverse Weaponry and Preserved Foodstuffs.


Elesias Takings – 'Sharah's Spies'. (Organisation?)


GP Total from 'Sales': 1,030GP.

Information Avenues (Beyond Little Gossip):

1. Are there any other Families 'up-to-their-neck in this (Fire Cult)? Yes.

2. Are Silifrey and Sharah still targets for 'foreign agents'? Yes.

3. What is the exact nature of Silvio's Debt? Solved.

4. What are the other 'nefarious' groups about town doing? Updates.

5. Do any of the older Urchins show promise? Yes.

6. Did your letter get delivered to Ernesto? Yes.

7. Is Sharah's Room fully ready? Yes.

Sharah - Detailed Catch Up Conversations for Aiidan and GM regarding Sharah's attempts to become a benign silky spider on Kordova's many stringed web. Also that long awaited discussion with your erstwhile leader.


Tournament Prizes: (Tourney of the Seven Stars – until 'interruption').


Cash: 500gp Purse by way of Compensation. (Festival Comitee).

Gifts Sent to Lando (AKA "The Mysterious Challenger"):

A crate (12) of fine sweet wines from the sun-drenched lands of the Lapaiiya - Courtesy of the Family Divielto, with compliments and an invitation to 'sun-downers' on the 23rd of Elesias.

A set of shaving gear, handkerchiefs and personal items in a finely tooled leather case from the Lavranan Jeweller's Collective. (Baldrin's father does not share his dislike of Lando it would seem, or the guild may be hedging their bets).

A ladies garter bedecked with 2 small beryl gems. The note attached reads "Under the tree by the font, near the leafy streets where we first met, my mysterious legend, my dashing hero. Please do not crush this fire within. I await you on the night of the fullest moon." 

A fine manual of arms, detailing different armours, weapons and their application, individually and as a battalion. Gifted by the Representatives of the King's Men, a loose affiliation of courtiers (not the Faction of the same colloquiallism) who fence, drink and carouse in the new-city, whilst enjoying the safety and comfort of living in the old.

Lando – Detailed Catch Up Conversations for Insightfulgamr and GM regarding these developments, the invitation and Bourdain's attempts to spread the word of the legend of the Mysterious Challenger. (He may need a little cash too).

Note: Unlocking Falcon. Lando and his weapon become more Attuned to one another as he recalls more of the Blade's past-owners deeds (vignette pending).


Pending Resumption.


Elesias Takings – Mirreth Vo (NPC – PC Link) – Kosef Mara.

Month of Elesias: 750 gp In Profit. Projected 12% rise to next month.

Coffers: 1700gp.

Trade Goods:

Unloaded Tourmaline, pre-price reduction due to influx from the mine complex attached to The Shrine of the Morndinsamman in the Firesteaps.

Cottons, Linens and Silks pre-arranged for prices set above profit margin for southern trade sources heading north up the Golden Road.

Stockpiling of Fine Liquors, Brandy's etc, following massive consumption during Festival Period of summer.

Future Markets:

Iron, Steel and forged weaponry are becoming more expensive as the war with the Derluskan Seperatists grinds on and conflict with the Mivasch Confederacy looms on the horizon. Purchases and diversions from the cult may have contributed.

Sulphur and Saltpeter are reaching premium prices on the docks of Hylaea's Small Port. Local interests are apparently buying up any and all such items for exorbitant prices.


Elesias Research/Gatherings - 'Evnarra's Herbology'.

Underdark Rot Weed.

3 Vials of Fountain Water (Remove Curse).

Crimson Drop Wort.


Vignette 4. Cathrykan and Company.

Calaith and Cathrykan.

Total Conversion (GP): 4,652.56.

Tithed (GP): 516.95.


PP: 80 GP: 2,990  EP:   SP: 2,500  CP: 1,756

Trade Worthy Mundane Items:

Braziers, Cloaks, Pouches, Decorative Metalwork, Tapestries, etc…

GP Approx. Value: 45gp

Gemstones, Jewels and Cut Metals:

Pearls, Rhodochrosite, Obsidian, Iron Bars, etc…

GP Approx. Value (Post-Evnarra Check): 550gp

Magic/Special Items:

'Swiftspark' – Javelin of Lightning (DMG)

'Little-Wall' – Shield +1 – Cathrykan. (DMG)

Rod of the Pact Keeper +1 – Calaith. (DMG)

Charlatan's Die (XG)

Horn of Silent Alarm (XG)

Cloak of Billowing (XG)


1. Teolia, a priestess/mage of the Cult of Ash and Flame. Sverly injured, wrapped in a blanket and draped over a packhorse.

3 Packhorses.


Vignette 5. Escorting Adana.


Carmino Payment: 250gp.

Contribution to the Development of a small shrine to Waukeen at Lake's Edge. A relieved Steward Gondorio and Urnan Keata will oversee it's construction. The Many Hands of Waukeen are welcome in Lake's Edge.

Magic/Special Items:

Waukeen's Command.


1. A very surprised, and very injured 'Shadow-thief' (Trevytth) or Agent of such. His lucrative offer to Erro rejected, he is presently tied across a packhorse some 10 miuntes outside Lake's Edge with the jubilant group of Waukeenites. 

1 Packhorse.


Elesias Takings – The Many Hands of Waukeen.

Erro (Organisation).

Sales/Donations and Funding: 610gp.

Duskwood Long-Spears now the preferred and present training weapon for The Many Hands of Waukeen 'troops'.

Final refit on all shopfronts and stalls in Fletcher's Square finished by locals, assisted by The Many Hands of Waukeen.

Shrine has received goldleaf, paint and trim as a donation from the central church.

Derneal's Rest can now support and outfit Pina, Bors and 20 recruits. This also includes visits from Brother Opius and Bilvyn Corkhand. They have storage space for 20 barrels and 40 tuns of cider, liquor or beer.

Erro's Stash has been further concealed by ornate furniture and drapes, courtesy of Mistress Cheeva's personal 'tastes'.

Sallysta's Bar is now a hive of workers discussion as the area around Fletcher's Square, Etto Parade and the Warrens Streets run by Phae Gann begin to take on their own flavour. An 'Island of Prosperity' amidst the squalor of Kordova south-of-the-canal.


Tithing, Extra Equipment and Payments.

Tithed Total: 578.02

Sunset Vault – Futures Pending Returns.

Current Treasure

The Destiny of Kord Khaz