Blood Patron

Your Patron is a servant of Pain and Torture, a being dependent of the suffering of lesser creatures and the anguish generated by exotic incarcerations and perversions. They may be a favoured servant or 'saint' of deities such as Loviatar, Lloth or Talona. Alternatively they may be an even stranger denizen of the outer planes such as a Carceri Jailer or wandering obscenity of the Ethereal or Astral Planes. Your Patron is dedicated to discovering and applying the many myriad forms of mental and physical pain, the exploitation of these for their own twisted uses and the subjugation of lesser beings.

Warlocks dedicated to such a Patron will often be traumatised individuals seeking a respite from their own afflictions, or twisted jealous types looking to dominate the world for their own gratification. Common rituals observed in the accessing of Eldritch powers may include self-inflicted injury, ritual torture or the constant twisting of ends and means to confuse, deceive and ultimately cause lasting harm. Vampires are unsurprisingly drawn to such powerful planar creatures, although the idea of being in servitude rankles them more-so than mortal followers.

3rd Level Pact Alterations.

Pact of the Blood Kiss (Unique):

After a successful strike (melee or ranged) against an opponent, the warlock may expend a bonus action to siphon an additional 1d4 + 1 hit points of damage, adding this to their own total (not exceeding maximum). This ability may be used up to 5 times per day and replenishes after a period of Long Rest.

Pact of the Blade: (As Players Handbook).

Whips, Scourges, Daggers and instruments of torture.

Pact of the Chain: (As Players Handbook).


Familiar takes the form of a Stirge, Blood Leech or Blood Imp (small daemons that feed both on their patron and any other warm blooded creature).

Pact of the Tome: (As Players Handbook).

Your tome is bound in some form of skin and periodically erupts in sores or weeps blood and other fluids. The pages are unaffected by this corruption.

Otherworldly Patron (Blood).

Expanded Spell List:

1st Level: Hail of Thorns / Tasha’s Hideous Laughter.

2nd Level: Heat Metal / Hold Person.

3rd Level: Bestow Curse / Vampiric Touch.

4th Level: Confusion / Death Ward.

5th Level: Dominate Person / Modify Memory.

Blood Curse:

1 Bonus Action, 60 foot Range, Duration 3 rounds.

Starting at 1st Level your Patron bestows upon you the ability to affect the pain thresholds of creatures in an immediate area. Targeting one creature that you can see within 60 feet the Blood Curse causes the next successful attack (within 3 rounds) made against that creature to be especially painful. The damage for the attack is increased by 1d6.

You may use this ability again after a Short or a Long Rest.

Anatomy of Pain:

1 Bonus Action, 30 foot Range.

Starting at 6th Level your Patron whispers the secrets of dark and twisted anatomical knowledge into your mind, creating a visual web of pain along a creature’s form that only you can see. The next attack you make against the chosen creature is taken at Advantage. If a creature takes damage from this attack, roll an additional damage dice of the type used and add this to the total. Alternatively, if the means are at your disposal (swift action, sight and hearing range, etc…) you may direct a friendly character to the precise location designed to harm. In this case the chosen character benefits from the Advantage Attack, not the activating Warlock.

You may use this ability again after a Short or a Long Rest.

Tendrils of Corruption:

Persistent Ability.

Starting at 10th Level, your Warlock is granted an invisible web of painful tendrils that radiate around them like the filiments of a vicious jelly-fish. Invisible to all except Ethereal Creatures and denizens of the Outer Planes, these tendrils cause wracking pains upon any hostile creature within 5 feet of the Warlock, causing their first attack of each round to be taken at Disadvantage, regardless of the target. At 15th Level this area of effect becomes 10 feet as the strength of the Patron bond becomes more powerful still.

Chamber of Agonies:

1 Action, 30 foot Range.

Starting at 14th Level you can incarcerate a creature in an illusory dungeon of horrors, spattered with the blood of countless souls and filled with the maddening cries of unseen victims. As an Action, choose a creature you can see within 30 feet of you. That creature must make a Wisdom Saving Throw against your Warlock spell save DC. For 5 minutes or until your concentration is broken the creature is Frightened by you and doubles all physical (weapon, ammunition, etc…) damage taken during the torturous agonies of the illusory event.

You may use this ability again after a Long Rest.

Specific Blood Patrons:


Arri’adnea, Handmaiden of Barbs (Legend Entry).



Verminthrax, Rat Lord of the Oubliette of Despair.



Blood Patron

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