Otto Gollodra (Formerly: Master Gollodra)

"Upstarts and backstabbers, Mila, the lot of them. Bloody ingrates, I open up the southern caravan routes at my own expense and they take over the minute there's a hint of raw profit. That damned elf will pay, I swear it."


Rich brown beard and hair now starting to fade a little to grey, the formerly boisterous attitudes of Otto Gollodra have been replaced by somberness and occasional outbursts of anger toward those he sees as responsible for his recent reversal of fortunes.
Guilder Gollodra. (formerly Master or Guildmaster).
Human (Northern Kordian).
House Gollodra.
To most of the different trade guilds and craft guilds. Now somewhat dented.
Moderate, his wife is a profligate spender.
Low. Very few have sympathy for a failed Guildmaster.
The Conservative Conclave.


Known Background:
House Gollodra have been ousted as heads of the Dyers and Weavers Guild and replaced by a consortium of common born shop-keepers. The vote, taken last Highday, has created an egalitarian marketplace for cloth as the family formerly maintained a tight in-house pricing strategy. The new consortium is especially open in it’s dealings and is rumoured to be very interested in linens and cloths from the immediate south.

Update 15th Flamerule – Mila Gollodra attended the Party Exotica of Lord Halifax Quinto, however her husband Otto was conspicuously absent. The younger woman did not allow this to dampen her spirits, or apparently jewellery chest, appearing in one of the finest outfits and socialising with many notables late into the night.


Player Secret – Kosef Mara.

Otto Gollodra (Formerly: Master Gollodra)

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