Lady Mila Gollodra

"Loss of standing Husband, I mean really, not only do I have to bear these rags, but now I'll be snickered at by that cadre of Harridans at every social event. You really are a disappointment Otto."


A stunning noble-woman with a slightly pouty and self indulgent look to her face. Mila is some ten years the junior of her husband Otto and it has been remarked by the more rakish of Kordova’s noblemen that this is a ‘damned shame to be sure’. Aged 30.


Until recently Mila was often seen in slightly older court-dresses and accessories. Recently she has begun employing hair-dressers, make-up artists and dresses in a very costly fashion. This would seem at odds with her husbands fortunes, which have taken a downturn. See Political Machinations 4. Kordovan Family Problems, Item D.

GM Secret.

Lady Mila Gollodra

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