Lady Ithlinne Orviel

A young Elven lady from The Moonshae Isles, far to the north east of Kordova.


A young Elf with long silvery white hair that falls down past her shoulders. Of average height for her race and slightly built but surprisingly wiry. She dresses in fashionable Kordovan garb, favoring whites, greens and blues.


The daughter of the Lord of Greystone on the Moonshae Isles, Ithlinne has travelled vast distances to the city of Kordova in order to improve her families situation. Fresh off the war against the Risen cult of Bane, High Queen Alicia Kendrick is demanding improved defenses for the realm and coin for its coffers. Desperate to make far flung allies in far off locations Ithlinne intends to become a player in Kordovas gem trade and among Kordovas higher society.

Lady Ithlinne Orviel

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