Cosetta al'Alariel

"By knife, by rope or by hand I will collect my fee with the expiration of your last breath..."


Unnaturally dyed red hair, sharp features and a tightly wound body make the odd encounter with Cosetta one to remember. Constantly on guard, her eyes sweep the room and pierce into any who are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to track her down for ‘conversation’.


Whispers on the streets of Kordova’s less fashionable districts speak of a shadow in black and red, more sure than the ‘Bank’, deadlier than the ‘Spear’. Cosetta al’Alariel is spoken about in hushed tones by those of Kordova’s Underworld. Never tied to a specific Guild or House, she has been credited with over twenty deaths throughout the Lake of Steam region, and in Kordova herself. The enigmatic half-elf rarely speaks in public, let alone confirming any speculation, and is elusive enough that even her contacts do not know whether she is in Kordova or abroad.

GM Secret. Player Secret. Kosef Mara. Identity Secret – Undiscovered

Cosetta al'Alariel

The Destiny of Kord Khaz