Borge, Shift Warden (former); The Estate of House Quinto

"But me Lord, me Lord Quinto...I nev'r touched a single drop I swear t' my mothers grave I nev'r did. You can'na turn a man out justa'fore Midsumma now can ye?"


Human, (Southern Kordian).
Tymora, Waukeen.
Estate of House Quinto, (formerly) – Unknown (currently).


Known Background:
Borge is a simple man, biding his time aimlessly in a plum position inside the Estate of House Quinto. Complacent and not above a little petty gossip and bribery, he shamelessly trades off favourites amongst the guards, banishing those who annoy him to ‘boring’ positions in the gardens or on the walls during Halifax’s famous parties.

Update16th Flamerule, 472 KR.
Borge has been publically castigated and then summarily fired by Lord Quinto, nursing an enormous hangover, after the events of the Party Exotica. Found stupefied and smelling strongly of cheap spirits, the Shift Warden was discovered in an airing cupboard to the rear of the ground floor, near the servants entrances. Protesting that he had not even had so much as an ale the night before, Borge and his meager belongings were dumped into the streets of Altana, and his guild (noble) passport revoked.

Lord Quinto blames the abduction of one of his presents, (the Tiefling, Jelira, presented by the priests of Cyric) on the Shift Warden and the laxity of the other guards. Further complicating matters are rumours that the Royal Prosecutor, the Priests of Cyric, a mysterious servant and the Tiefling herself may all be somehow involved in the shock disappearance. Whatever the truth, Borge was last seen headed for the district of Bordonna, followed at a distance (ominously) by a member of the Iron Fist and two attendants from the Burning Spear Legion.

Party Exotica.

Borge, Shift Warden (former); The Estate of House Quinto

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