Arri'adnea, Handmaiden of Barbs

"...mmm, yes. Deep inside your mind, I see it. A shard of hope, a glimmer of light. A place where you can not feel pain. Let me just attend to that now, so that we may become more intimately acquainted..."


Legendary Personality.
Once an attractive human or half-elf from the central dales of the Eastern Heartlands, Arri’adnaea’s transformation and ascension centuries ago left her with a form more pleasing to herself and the goddess of pain. Fiery wings, blood pulsing visibly through their membranous folds, a crown of vicious horns and all manner of barbs, nails and teeth make this servant of pain one of the more feared denizens of the outer planes. Her penchant for torture includes many of the more benign planar travellers and such individuals avoid the dark pockets her followers leave upon the weave of the multi-verse.

Demi-God, Saint.
Lawful Evil.
In Kordia:
Worshipped privately by devotees of Loviatar as an augmentation to their faith. A small shrine exists inside the private halls of the Red Sisters, adjacent to the Temple of Eviscerated Joy.
Warlocks, Loviataran Initiates, Assassins and Torturers.

Warlocks: Your Patron is a servant of Pain and Torture, a being dependent of the suffering of lesser creatures and the anguish generated by exotic incarcerations and perversions. They may be a favoured servant or ‘saint’ of deities such as Loviatar, Lloth or Talona. Alternatively they may be an even stranger denizen of the outer planes such as a Carceri Jailer or wandering obscenity of the Ethereal or Astral Planes. Your Patron is dedicated to discovering and applying the many myriad forms of mental and physical pain, the exploitation of these for their own twisted uses and the subjugation of lesser beings.

Warlocks dedicated to such a Patron will often be traumatised individuals seeking a respite from their own afflictions, or twisted jealous types looking to dominate the world for their own gratification. Common rituals observed in the accessing of Eldritch powers may include self-inflicted injury, ritual torture or the constant twisting of ends and means to confuse, deceive and ultimately cause lasting harm. Vampires are unsurprisingly drawn to such powerful planar creatures, although the idea of being in servitude rankles them more-so than mortal followers, (From Blood Patron in Home Brew Section).

Arri’adnea: The devotees of one of Loviatar’s favoured Handmaidens mark themselves out with some peculiar practices. In particular a fascination with exsanginuation and the slower processes by which a being may relinquish its life-force. Many study these (secretly) as a means to understand the transitory nature of life and death, the pain such entails and the place this has in the cycles of struggle and reward presented by the Lady of Pain and her minions. A powerful being in her own right, Arri’adnea prefers services and offerings where the creature offered is sacrificed in such a manner as to produce the longest and most lingering of deaths possible. She feeds on this life-force, be-grudgingly distributing its crumbs to her followers as rewards for their piety.

Servant of Loviatar, Maiden of Pain.
On good terms with servants of Shar, Lloth and Beshaba.
Particular hatred for the Celestial, Dan Vogg’aar.


Known Background:

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Arri'adnea, Handmaiden of Barbs

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