Adriano Salva

"My legacy will be one of riches and standing. I care not for these trivialities. Lasting Fame, that is the way to greatness."


Tall and straight, bearing the classical features of Kordova’s older, local nobility. Hair worn long and loose, with clothing in the current style for a gentleman of a ‘rakish’ disposition.
Rogue – 7th, Swashbuckler Archetype.
Minor Loviataran worship.
Human (Southern Kordian).
Noble, (Kordova).
House Salva: Lord Salva, High Mistress Pain.
Salva, the family Estate and village of the same name, a scant 5 miles from Kordova’s southern walls.


Known Information:
First child and heir of Lord Salva, Adriano cuts a dashing figure amongst Kordova’s nobility. Never one to shy from a potential challenge or imagined slight he has forged a reputation as Kordova’s premier gentleman duellist.

Adriano would seem to have bounced back rapidly from the rejection of his suit towards Jaena Divielto. Having only briefly met Cathrykan whilst stripped to his waist, working on the chapel site in Salva, he immediately invited her as his ‘plus-one’ to the Estate of House Quinto on the 14th, for Halifax’s Party Exotica. Perhaps he was smitten with her beauty, or her station as a former princess and active priestess of Loviatar. Certainly the young noble duelist seems to have found his “exotic accompaniment” that the theme of the aforementioned party dictates.

Following Adriano’s public embarassment and the subsequent adoption of Cathrykan to the ranks of the cities ladies (via Adriano’s sister Dolorea), the young nobleman has not been seen at his normal haunts in Kordova. Amongst the nobility it is common knowledge that he is serving a more useful purpose than parties and japes and is representing his father and family on military duty near the current front with the Derluskan Separatists.

GM Secret.

Adriano Salva

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