The Destiny of Kord

The End of the Old Firm

Catch-Up Vignette 1 - "Erro's Big Score"

Morning, 18th Flamerule, 472KR. Northgate District.

Story: On the 14th of Flamerule, most of the newer members of the Sunset Wanderers found themselves in the middle of a turf war between two gangs in the Warrens. Rather than take sides, Erro and Kosef met with one group (the weaker Etto Parade Boys) and tipped them off to the move being made by their rivals (the Old Firm). This was done with a view to arriving on the scene and making a play for the elimination of both gang's that were operating in or around Fletcher's Square and Etto Parade (the Warrens 'neatest' trade street). The resulting street battle spelt the end for the Etto Parade Boys and their leadership group, whilst the Old Firm were left 'headless' after Kosef Mara skewered 'Daddy' Thanrus with a well timed thrust of his blade. The leaderless remains of the Old Firm fled the scene, and at least one or two members survived the voracious 'zombie-children' created by Mykala in the Water Gardens.

The now depleted Old Firm quit the Warrens district soon after, and Erro used contacts from the Twists and the Warrens to find a disused warehouse in Northgate that the gang had ear-marked as a bolt-hole. Indeed the remainder of their stash, personnel and equipment were taken there on the evening of the 16th of Flamerule. With the bulk of the Sunset Wanderers engaged in expeditions to areas outside of Kordova, Erro Moonshadow resolved to use his 'credit' within Waukeen's Church to eliminate the lingering Old Firm once and for all. During the process of obtaining assistance and consulting with Vergano at the church; She Has Risen in Profit, Erro became the head of small sub-sect of Waukeen, The Many Hands of Waukeen and was given the church's blessing in his endeavors to bring the religion back to the fore south of Kordova's Grand Canal.

On the morning of the 18th, whilst many in Kordova slept off hangovers or headed for the markets spreading from the Colosseum outwards into the Circus, Northgate and Bel-Tevalya, Erro and a small group of determined Waukeenites met in the back alleys of Northgate District. The disused warehouse that they placed under a quick observation was boarded up, although both the front door and the rear exit (into a small fenced yard) were accessible and appeared to have been used recently. At the outset Brother Opius placed an Arcane Lock on the double front doors, so as prevent any obvious routes to escape. The small group of Waukeenite attackers then distributed themselves to the rear of the premises and not being challenged prepared to give the Old Firm a breakfast in bed to remember.

Smashing through the rear doors the Many Hands of Waukeen found a largely empty warehouse room, with offices and sub-rooms to the west. On the far eastern wall one bulky, scarred Old Firm member was feeding their 'pet', a shaggy and malodorous Quaggoth, sometimes used by gangs, guilds or individuals as semi-intelligent guard beasts. Their ferocious aspect and insatiable hunger make them ideally suited for this role. The remainder of the Old Firm immediately scattered, drawing or looking for weapons, whilst the Kennel Keeper' began to free the still hungry Quaggoth.

A brisk and swirling melee ensued, with Erro taking on the role of a point distraction, drawing as many members of the Old Firm towards him, whilst Bilvyn, Opius and his acolytes hammered open hand and spell attacks into the confused ranks of the gang. Many telling blows were struck by both sides, including a well placed calming spell that focused the leader and his backup on Erro rather than the lesser experienced members of the Hands. During this initial flurry, two of the young Hands faced off against the Quaggoth, bravely holding the left flank to protect Bilvyn and Opius near the doorway.

Derneal, a young traders son from Bordonna, had only recently joined the Monastery of the Refilled Urn, and being young still had a streak of the impetuous about him. His attacks confused the Quaggoth briefly as side-by-side he and another acolyte forced the creature to stand and fight. Unfortunately for young Derneal a well placed swipe of the Quaggoth's claws all but removed his head from his shoulders. A new soul feasts in Waukeen's endless Guildhall, and the Many Hands vowed to remember their first sacrifice along the road to influence in Kordova.

It was Erro himself who, without regard to the stray swings of blade and axe, sprinted to the assistance of his young charges, felling the Quaggoth with a series of well placed punches that finished with a devastating uppercut that snapped the creature's powerful, corded neck. The remaining pair of gang members, including their new leader, attempted to flee, but were cut down after finding the front doors barred to their egress.

The Many Hands of Waukeen cleaned the area very quickly, perhaps more concerned with the remainder of the Old Firm's stash. The bodies were placed behind crates and boxes, and the doors closed on the way out, but the Waukeenites made no further efforts to disguise the carnage (see Arrival and Commencement #10). They were able to return to the Warrens and begin the process of cleaning and preparing the old shrine in Fletcher's Square for regular use. The abandoned house in the North-East of the Square has been appropriated (and dedicated to Derneal), whilst several traders have begun to repaint and refit their shop fronts. A suburb within a suburb has been born…


Erro - breaks jaws and bones left and right as he rampages through the disoriented Old Firm. Even their 'pet' eventually succumbs to a powerful uppercut from the elf as he grows into his martial abilities with gusto.

The Many Hands of Waukeen follow Erro's instructions to the letter, selflessly placing themselves in danger to aid a beleaguered comrade or block an enemy's route of attack. Only one of their members is killed in the fight, a young trader's son named Derneal. Derneal's Rest.

Bilvyn Corkhand soothes the aggravated minds of many of the Old Firm, drawing their attention from the weaker acolytes and towards the capable fists of Erro Moonshadow.

Brother Opius 'Arcane Locks' the front doors of the warehouse well before the eventual altercation, preventing any escape for the desperate members of the Old Firm.

Active Characters:

Erro Moonshadow.

Off Characters:

None. All accounted for in Downtime or Expeditions A & B.


Bilvyn Corkhand, Brother Opius.


First emergence of The Many Hands of Waukeen. Sections for Old Firm, Etto Parade Boys and some other gangs to be updated (or finalised in the case of the two unfortunate gangs who tangled with our 'heroes').

Arrival and Commencement #10. Butchered in Northgate.


0 ALL CHARACTERS – XP accounted for in previous Logs.


Emerald Summoning Stone.

Reward / Bounty Claimed – Sunset Wanderers – 200gp. Investigation of the source of the Wailing Waif in the Water Gardens District (see [[:mykala | Mykala]] or The Madness of the Moon).

10 sets of irregular armour and weaponry contributed to Sunset Vault.


No Downtime. Erro speeds from the city toward Expedition B, riding one of the two Palfreys gifted to Cathrykan. The priestess is herself more concerned with the preparations for the Festival of the Red Sisters.

"Fallout and Secrets from this section (and indeed the last three logs, heading for compilation pages, will be done hopefully post Saturday Session)."



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