The Destiny of Kord

A Return to Kordova

Session 8 - "Awkward City is Awkward"

Evening - 23rd Flamerule, 472KR, Hall of the Sunset, Westgate District.

"An extraordinary thing friendship, a place to belong. It can be a sinecure or a crutch, it can be both good times and bad. And sometimes you just need someone to trust. Whatever the motivation, it was a trust in others that led Kosef Mara to his decision and subsequent actions one night during midsummer at the Hall of the Sunset."

GM Notes (Roleplaying "Guidelines") – 4th Wall Time.

"OK. So I think we're all far enough along now (Thanks to 'Manchild') that this can be said openly. I am very relieved personally as I can now back-date Logs and stories and not have to constantly write with a wholly ambiguous bent… Drumroll…


Currently as I write this there are a number of Sunset Wanderers aware of the situation (and its implications) and a number of Sunset Wanderers who are not. For guideline purposes so that we all remember when we're 'in-the-heat-of-the-moment' here is a list of people who do and don't.

Know: Silvio, Arantes (via Silvio), the Chef, Gaukin, Evnarra, Lando, Erro, Sharah and Calaith. Also the BANDERHOBB.

Do Not Know:  Cathrykan, Silifrey, Andario, Kenjii, Flick, Kennard, Arkaela, Kithri, Istvann, Meera, Derenteriel and Rhoskhobar.

Possibly: Hugin and Munin (the bats). Urs (the bear). Somnelos (the black cat).

So apologies for briefly jumping the wall, however I thought this might help all of us keep it straight in our heads. It's bad enough now knowing that some of our NPC's may not exist or actually be different people on different days. It makes my teeth ache, well done Manchild, this is fun!!!"


Evnarra - 

Lando – 

Kosef -

Sharah - 

The Party -

Active Characters:


Off Characters:













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