The Sunset Wanderers

The Sunset Wanderers.

Adventurers Guild.

Guildmaster: Silvio Verbosa

Sphere of Influence:

Kordova, Kordian Hegemony, Duskwood Forest.


Official Guild. Traditional Guild of Kord. Chaired Seat at Conclave.


Adventuring, Frontier Expansion, Caravan / Trail Guarding.

Guild Tenets: 

Profit, but not before Honour. I will pursue my life's goals with verve and vigour, and display honour and integrity toward others.

Fellowship and Respect. I will give aid and assistance to a fellow guild-member ahead of my own selfish needs.

The Call of Adventure. No mission too hard, no road too long, life is short and fame lasts forever.

Known Members: 

Arantes Hermollia, Arkaela Nlockk, Flick Vellar, Hirada Kenjii, Istvaan OaktenderKennard MacLorrdan, Kithri Yellowbriar, The Chef, Andario, Paladin of Helm.

Current PC Members:

Calaith Loreweaver, Cathrykan Shintar, Erro Moonshadow, Evnarra Rockcutter, Gaukin Lumberbearer Katho-Kakane, Kosef Mara, Lando Calraesa, Sharah Bloodcast, Silifrey Dotsk.

Potential Members:

Quailyth Half-Elven, Treava, Cathrykan's Attendant.

Former Members:

Alaena de Witte, Battlemaster Grendiir, Rhoskhobar Mossgrower.

Roll of Honour (The Valiant Deceased):

Athras the Grim - Died 368KR. The White Knight, Slayer of the Beast Somenallakk'Tuk'terra, Co-Founder of the Sunset Wanderers.


The Hall of the SunsetWestgate District.

Known Funds – (see Sunset Vault).

Private stashes, chests, curios, etc…

Weaponry and Armour to outfit 20-30 Irregulars.


Democratic, Master by Acclamation. Every 8-10 years or so.

Current Contracts:

Suspicious Statues – (Association of Benevolent Churches & Duskwood Moot) – The Duskwood southern Kordia. (Kennard, Istvaan, Flick, Arkaela and Kenjii); this has become the Side Narrative Strange Geography.

Refitting the Hall – Silvio Verbosa, Persistent Contract.

Boots on the Ground – Silvio Verbosa, Persistent Contract.

Holidays – As of the 14th of Flamerule (early morning)  Kithri Yellowbriar has departed the Hall of the Sunset to 'visit family in the dales for a month or so'.


The Sunset Wanderers

The Destiny of Kord Khaz