The Old Firm

Guildmaster: Thanrus "Daddy" Stoutfist.

Sphere of Influence: The Warrens, The Twists.

Standing: Criminal.

Operations: Extortion, Racketeering, Forgery.

Guild Tenets: Turf. We defend our territory as a matter of honour, each street is a bastion, each alley a wall.

Known Members: Thanrus Stoutfist.

PC Members: None.

Former Members: Unknown.

Resources: 25-35 Thugs and ruffians of Human and Dwarven extraction.

Organisation: Autocratic.

Current Contracts: The Old Firm seem convinced that they are going to take a significant prize off of the rival Etto Parade Boys. The streets surrounding Fletcher's Square in the Warrens pay protection to the Etto Boys. Their namesake street being adjacent to the square. A turf war looks imminent, and the Legion will most likely ignore the result, regardless of it they hear of it or not.

Player Secret: Kosef Mara, Erro Moonshadow.


A medium sized gang of toughs from The Warrens, they control the streets and shops to the immediate west of the region claimed by the Etto Parade Boys. Hard men and dwarves, some originally from more respectable trades, together with a street crew of teenagers collect protection money and tributes from independent shopkeepers and unfortunately placed guilders alike. They have previously clashed with patrols of the Burning Spear Legion and have hence remained somewhat subdued in recent months.

(Previously Secret).

Kosef & Erro – The Old Firm are going to make a run at the Boys turf on the evening of the 13th. They seem to think that they have a sure way of separating Gavlar from his men and then eliminating or intimidating the majority of their rivals. Fletcher’s Square is a condensed area, with many twisting alleys and streets surrounding it. None but a Kordovan native, and from south of the canal at that, has much hope of navigating correctly through the tangle of houses and shops. This leads the two of you to conclude that a massed assault during the early evening may take place, with many routes available to the Square. It is know that the Etto Parade Boys regularly shift from their adjacent named street and move to Sallysta, a small bar just inside the square, for a free evening round or two. Local rumour also places Gavlar in Mistress Cheeva’s Pillow House on most nights after his daily trip to the bar.

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The Old Firm

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