The Many Hands of Waukeen


Waukeen, the Merchant's Friend.

Officiating Priest:

Pina Muteheart.


Shrine and converted House in Fletcher's Square, The Warrens.

Sphere of Influence:

The Warrens, The Twists, Bordonna and the Church of Waukeen.


Average to Good with Waukeen's Faithful. Excellent in Fletcher's Square. Unknown by most of the remainder of the City.


'Donative' co-op and protection for traders in the immediate area of Fletcher's Square. Trade, wine and spirits distribution in Kordova. Shrine Maintenance.


Shrine open all hours, attended during daylight.

Known Members:

Bilvyn Corkhand, Brother Opius, Sergeant Drona, 6 Waukeenite Acolyte Monks, 2 Professional Temple Halberdiers (Hema - 10 years).

PC Members:

Erro Moonshadow – (founder), with permission of High Priest Vergano of Londas.


Unknown. Backing from Official Waukeenite Church and Monastery.


"Many Hands make Light Work"

"The group before the individual; we leave no-one behind"


Hierachical; Vergano – Erro – (priest) – Ordained (Bilvyn, Opius) – Lay Followers

Known Information:

Protected Businesses of Note;

Mistress Cheeva's Pillow House.

Aardwyn's Arrows.

Sallysta (Bar and Music 'Hall').

Miscellaneous Grocers and Street Vendors, including those of Etto Parade.


One of the houses in Fletcher's Square has been appropriated for use (now with a carved inscription, 'Derneal's Rest'). The abandoned building on the square's edge (explored by the Sunset Wanderers 4 days earlier) has been turned into accommodations for the new priest and their attendants. Donations and prayer candles are once again features of this previously illused and 'scruffy' shrine.

The Many Hands of Waukeen

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