Terrain and Miniatures

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Ok. So this is just me showing off. In my spare time I paint miniatures (of course) and try to model up appropriate beasties, characters, etc, for our settings. My real love though is scenery, and with a little shameless self promotion, and some more hard work I will be starting an Webstore under the title Unique Terrain. I'll try to get some decent quality photographs up on this section ASAP. (Thanks Alastair_Manchild for photos, we'll do more.)

Updated Gallery Snapshots – 'Pics from my Phone'.

1. Ruined Mausoleum / Bandit Base.

2. "Lava" Scatter Base.

3. Priest and Stone.

4. Great Mother Mashaaf.

5. Our "Last Party" (Aiidan's – Sanctuary, The Dead Lands, Campaign).

6. "Evil Warrior" from Sanctuary, The Dead Lands.

7. Chimera. (Have I mentioned how useful REAPERBONES products are?)

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Terrain and Miniatures

The Destiny of Kord Khaz