Temple of the Fortunate Coin

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Officiating Priest:

High Luck-Mistress Fenella Bregan.


Lavrana District, Kordova. Adjacent to Grand Canal at the foot of the Lavranan Hill, facing Westgate District.

Sphere of Influence:

Greater Kordia.


High amongst the Common-Born and travellers. Less well thought of by the nobility, but still invoked for Luck out of habit.


Basic – Moderate Temple Services (Including Minor Adventuring 'Shop' of second hand or discarded items). Information Distribution to travellers, adventurers and regional Kordia. Liaison with Office of Bounties and Warrants. Minor Healing Centre for Convalescence (for a price) from injuries sustained in the wilds of Faerun.


Public – Most areas near the 'front' of the Temple. Private – Storage, Healing Centre, Sacred Nave and Vault of the Shamrock.

Known Members:

Luck-Mistress Fenella.

PC Members:

Sharah Bloodcast whilst not a local Tymoran venerates the Lady of Luck and often flips a coin, makes minor statements concerning luck or outright invokes the goddess' blessing.


Unknown. At least 4 priests administering to Rural areas and the greater city. Collection of Second Hand adventuring gear. 


Democratic, by acclamation, position until retirement / death.


Notice-Board – mostly repetitions of Rumours heard in and around Kordova. (This will become another methodology for finding quests. Mostly distant rumours from passing adventurers or re-iterations/motivations for existing jobs, quests, etc…).

2. Great Southern Blight? (From Call of the Wild - The Local Area).

4. The Lost Waggoneers. (From Call of the Wild - The Local Area).

2. Suspicious Statues. (From Churchgoers - Initial Information).

Stout Adventurers Wanted. Reconnaissance of Duskwood mid-Glades required as a Private Matter of Urgency. Enquire Within. Guild Chartered Applicants Only.

(Poster crossed through with Red Ink).

3. White Walkers and a Wailing Waif. (From The Gossipmonger – Arrival and Commencement).

1. Sacrificed in Vain? (From Guild Notices – Toss and Fetch).

Current Stock in "Adventurers Store": GM Secret.

Various Packs, Kits and Backpacks.

Minor Potions and Ointments.

Collection of Weapons and Armour, variable quality.

Trinkets and Maps.


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Temple of the Fortunate Coin

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