Sunset Vault

The known financial situation  of the Guild of the Sunset Wanderers. As communicated to the Player Characters by Silvio Verbosa. (At present unconfirmed and assuming that none is being skimmed, appropriated, used or lost). The contents include items like Potions, Weapons and Scrolls which may actually be housed in different locations throughout the Guild Hall.

Silvio's Ideal Reserve is 500gp for taxes, fines or unexpected visits to Temples for Advanced Healing. This is the least he will tolerate in the coffers. Therefore, cash above this counts towards the Goals in Refitting the Hall and later tasks. This is his current reserve and will change in expectation as the Guild raises or lowers its profile.



PP: 14   GP: 2078   EP: 51   SP: 263   CP: 1450

Guilder Bars (25gp denomination): 12.

Petty Cash: 23 GP 

Food, Supplies and Medicines (separate from Main Vault).

Miscellaneous Goods:

3 Bolts of Rare Silk from the Far East.

4 Barrels of Lap' Fire Brandy.

Raw Gemstones – Uncut 300 pounds.

40lbs or Raw Iron for Forging.

Preserved Foodstuffs for 10 People for 25 Days.


4 Common Healing Potions.

1 Potion of Underwater Breathing.

2 Anti-Venoms (Giant Spider).


Currently all carried by Calaith, Kennard or Evnarra.

Weaponry & Armour:

Ordinary Arms and Armour to fit 42 Irregular Troops.

Leather and Associated harness for 20 Further troops.

Well made shortswords, shields, javelins and other ammunition to outfit 20 Further Troops.

Sunset Vault

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