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"The Harvest-town". Founded during the first expansionist moves by the Kings of the House of Thala as a useful trade point and agricultural centre.


12,150 Humans (mostly southern Kordian) and other races. Sherra shares Torsch's relatively high population of dwarves and gnomes.


Monarchy. Kordovan guilds and churches present in town.


Standard Pantheistic Kordovan with a particular affinity for the two smaller local cults of Yjanre (The Harvest King) and Illanre (The Spring Maiden) and their associated but less widely recognised 'cousins' Akadi (Lady of the Winds) and Myristar (God of Twilight).

Shrine of Illanre – Farmsteads surrounding Sherra.
(Quailyth Half-Elven circa 472KR).

Political Inclination:

Kordian Monarchy. House Moro (closest high noble estates).


Wheat, Fruit and Vegetables, Copper Ore, Ironwood Pitch, Goats Wool and Cheese, Local Craft Goods.


Luxury Goods (small amount), Adventurers (exploring the Firesteaps), Smelted Metals, Linen / Cloth and Preserved Foodstuffs.


Kordia Law. Very few Tassa excepting those assigned to the 'high-way' gang. Some Hema and Sala either attached to the Smithy, Fruit Traders Concern or the three 'temples' within Sherra.

Known Information:

The township of Sherra is considered to be the centre of Kordia's secondary food-bowl. Whilst not producing the vast fields of wheat, corn and grapes found in the north of the hegemony, Sherra is a major production centre for root-vegetables and gourd-vegetables. The moderate amounts of grain from the region augment the northern harvest and often become trade-goods with the dwarves of Kholtar, Three-Swords and Earth-Heart. 

The town began as a colony of the Kordian Hegemony, with a view to exploiting the gold, gem and copper deposits of the Firesteap Mountains. The vagaries of geography and…

Location – Museum of Masks. A collection of folk carvings from pre-Kordian and modern times. Depictions range from the curious and amusing to the terrifying imagery of pit fiends and spirits of elder days past.

Barro Hamander.

Noteworthy Citizens:

Lord Ventan Moro, maintains his ancestral home approximately 6 miles to the east of Sherra's low stone walls.


Sherra has been identified by the members of the Sunset Wanderers (and some few other astute travellers, merchants and envoys) as being the epicentre of the problems detailed in The Great Southern Blight rumour located in our Gossip and Employment Section.


The Harvest King, The Spring Maiden, The Hungry Twins.

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