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Renown, Notoriety, Piety and Loyalty.

The current stats for the Player Characters, their Guild(s) and stats for interactions with Kordova's families, factions or foreign players. Only organisations and factions known to the Character will be included on their entry. Each Player will have a Secret Section detailing their personal statistics. These are all at the bottom of this page. Share these with each other, keep them secret or lie in public, it's all good.

The public standing of the Guild (Sunset Wanderers) will be displayed openly below (Table 1.04 – Current Sunset Stats).

Renown & Notoriety:

Each Player Character will receive a Renown (or Notoriety below 12) Score that reflects the relative awareness that the Organisation, Family or Faction towards that Player Character. Additionally the Sunset Wanderers will receive a similar score to represent their attempts to return to prominence in the region. This will help Players keep track of goals, slights and rewards that they may otherwise forget. The Player Information will all be done via Secret at the bottom of this page. (To see the Sunset Wanderers stats, use the link above or scroll down).

All Scores start at 14 unless the GM determines and informs otherwise.

*If a Faction or Group is not listed against an individual (or the Wanderers) and as a Player you know they exist, it may be because either – Your Character has a baseline score with them. OR. The GM has determined that there is no way for the Player (or the Wanderers) to determine the relative position of their Character to this group/organsiation.

The opinions of many people will matter in our Campaign Setting. To that end the following;

Organisations - Churches, Guilds, Gangs and smaller groups.

Families - The noble families of Kordova and Beyond.

Factions – Political groups, Nations and splinter groups within them.

The following is a Guideline for assessing the value of the Sunset Wanderers Renown and Player Secret Renown;

0-3: Hostile. The Player Character (Guild) has made a dire Enemy. This Enemy will actively work to the destruction of your interests and friends, irrespective of the cost. Any further Negative Renown with this Enemy will be assessed by the GM at an additional 50%.

4-7: Antagonistic. The Player Character (Guild) has pushed this group (person) too far. They take every opportunity to place barriers in your path whilst protecting their own interests.

8-11: Negatively Aware. The Player Character (Guild) is on the radar of this group (person) and not in a good way. They might try to gather information on or avoid your interests as appropriate. Interactions will be negative and they will attempt to gain advantage in dealings and transactions.

12-15: Neutral / Indifferent. The Player Character (Guild) have not yet influenced this group (person) to a degree where they have an opinion one way or another. They will deal with you as they see fit (according to personality, guild, etc…).

16-19: Positively Aware. The Player Character (Guild) are starting to influence this group (person) in a positive way. They will be cordial and inclined to hear you out on a variety of issues and dealings not precious to them in some way.

20-23: Approving. The Player Character (Guild) have managed to sway this group (person) to a degree where they now look favorably upon you in regarding most issues. Personal interactions are rewarding and relatively open. Deals may be done for mutual benefit or savings.

24-27: Admiring. The Player Character (Guild) are very well thought of by this group (person), to a point where they will now attempt to benefit you with most actions or dealings, irrespective of their own finances or pressures. Indeed a friendship and relationship of mutual respect has developed.

28/29: Impressive. The Player Character (Guild) are nearly legendary to this group (person). In many ways they look up to you and attempt to smooth your path at every opportunity. The mention of your name sends underlings (or servants) scurrying this way and that to assist. Any further Negative Renown with this Faction/Person will be assessed by the GM at -50% value only from this point on.

30: Famous. The Player Character (Guild) are legends in their own lifetime. People from this group, or the Individual in question, idolise you and try to preempt your needs in every way. Life is grand and you have friends here whenever you need them. Any further Negative Renown with this Faction/Person will be assessed by the GM at -75% value only from this point on.


Identical to above, however the difference is that the numbers represent the level to which an individual is known to and pleasing their chosen Deity. This will only apply to Devoted Characters. Those who are conspicuously religious, or have a Class reason to be oriented toward the Divine (Clerics, Warlocks, some Sorcerer's, Paladins, Druids, Rangers, etc, etc…). The first number next to your Individual Score (see secrets) against the 'Church' or Religious Organisation is your Renown Score with that temporal institution. The second number is your Deity.

Current Sunset Stats (0-30 Scale).

Organisation Party Renown Family Party Renown Faction Party Renown
The Sunset Wanderers Current PC Members (11/12) Altan (King's) 18 The Royal Council 18
Church of Loviatar 18 Altan (Queen's) 19 Burning Spear Legion 19
Church of Tymora 20 Carmino 19 Derlusk Seperatists 12
Church of Waukeen 19 Divielto 10 Earth-Heart 18
Guttersnipes 15 Muertollia 20 The Conservative Conclave 16
Phae Gann's Brood 15 Quinto 14 The Consortium for Change 20
Guild of Stonecarvers 20 Salva – Father / Daughter 14 The Princess' Ladies 18
The Iron Fist 20 Salva -Son 8 The Queen's Coven 19
The University 20 Tarranta 16 Council of Londas 17
Guild Conclave 19 Hermetta 2 Council of Valda 14
Church of Shar 17 Moro 16 Brothers of Ash and Flame 0
Royal Cult of Altan 15 Caldara 14 Adlaergast (Silvio's Creditors) 5
    Gollodra 16 Mivasch Confederacy 15


Will be done on a similar scale. When an independently thinking follower is acquired by a Player Character they will be assigned a Loyalty Score (most often 15-20). The GM will then use the same scaling and a similar methodology to track the Loyalty of that follower to the Player Character. Simply put;

0-5: The Follower is actively looking for a way out. They will hoard, lie and be unreliable until this score is raised or they manage to abscond with as much where-with-all as they can manage.

6-10: The Follower is upset with the Player Character and has some issues that they may raise (dependent on personality) that they want resolved.

11-15: The Follower is unsure whether this relationship is positive or not, but will go along fine for now.

16-20: The Follower is happy. All their basic needs are met.

21-25: The Follower is quite positive about the way the relationship is going. They are impressed with their treatment and often try to show this in their own personal way.

26-29: The Follower is ecstatic with your progress together. This bond will be very difficult to sever, one of respect and admiration. Furthermore, any subsequent negative scores from the GM will be assessed at -50% value only from this point on.

30: The Follower is completely devoted to their Player Character. They will lay down their life, etc, etc… Furthermore, any subsequent negative scores from the GM will be assessed at -75% value only from this point on.

Calaith and Sharah Current Status.

Cathrykan and Erro Current Status.

Kosef and Silifrey Current Status.

Evnarra and Gaukin Current Status.

Lando Calraesa Current Status.

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