Prophecies of the Crying Oracle by Randa Tarekk

(Notes found above passages in a confident, broad hand).

"…No, happy to oblige. And it doesn't bother me one jot if it is a banned text old friend. I trust you of all people implicitly. I can see why you are unfamiliar with the exact date of the Prohibition and also the content. It appears to be all from your time…away. Shortly after She arrived. I should have recalled the timing immediately, but my mind wanders as I get older. Regardless, I hope you find whatever it is your looking for. I've included the passages you requested (translated from their archaic Moon-Song language I might say) plus an additional passage that seems relevant, though to be honest I can't think what you'll make of this gibberish. Warmest Regards, Balthas."

Quatrain 24 (fragment); …and be it known that the Scourge that was will come again. And He shall be indiscriminate in His revenge. The Lands of Steam and Sunshine shall again be the testing grounds of the Lords of Fire and the Arch-Fiend of War…all will be consumed…

Quatrain 78 (translation of "bountiful-girl-child" possibly "chief's-child"); The Bountiful Girl Child will be His conduit, a culmination of the Pact that shall be made, in punishment for the Arrogance of Kings.

Quatrain 89 (fragment); …Man shall fight against not-Man. Bloody War between both themselves and the Darkness, for the spite of a Mad Mistress, in love with Her pain…

Quatrain 94 (fragment); …the Lord of the Lands Steeped in Fire shall be destroyed by hatred and fear…

Quatrain 114 (this is the odd one I mentioned, it is repeated for a solid page, and I confess I felt for the Selunite scribe, this Randa fellow, who copied the original from voice); The Light of a Star's Tear Heals all Wounds. The Accursed shall ascend and be Forgiven.

Prophecies of the Crying Oracle by Randa Tarekk

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