Off Character Experience

Any observer will have noticed that we have more than a single character per player (and this is prior to commencement). One of the central conceits for my/our creation is that it is reusable, alive and ongoing. This means that multiple characters for players are not an issue. In particular some "down-time" aspects of role-playing may make their way to the fore which is more easily done if there are multiple characters. Hence the following rule adjustments:

One (1) Character Per Playing Session. This we will call our Active Character. Unless we have a really compelling narrative based reason they will be the sole personality played for that Session. The other characters 'owned' by a Player we will call Off Characters. This doesn't mean that they won't make appearances, just that the GM will be in control and running them effectively as an NPC.

Off Characters will each earn 65% of the experience of the Active Character of the Player in question for that Session. This represents "down-time" activities, personal goals or employment, daily experiences and objectives they may (and will) complete without being "active". Characters Convalescing (see Extended Rest and Injuries) will receive only 25% of an Active Character's Experience award during their period of Convalescence (GM to monitor).

At the commencement and end of a session the Off Characters will have the opportunity to have a quick description of their 'away from game' activities for the immediate future. Likewise at the end of a session (providing they are not still 'in-action') the Active Characters will be given the opportunity to do the same. (See: Downtime).

This will give us a device by which we can advance narratives not central to the role-playing experience, setup other stories, research items or information, travel to far climes or any other craziness you lot can come up with. I will then update you either in-between sessions (if 'personal' info) or at the beginning of the next session (if 'group' info).

A note for "Joining Characters", Characters started in the Campaign World after the 2nd Session will begin with the following Experience Points.

First Character (Owned by Player):

Mid-Point between the Highest and Lowest PC Experience Total.

Second or Subsequent (Owned by Player):

65% of the Mid-Point between the Highest and Lowest PC Experience Total.

Off Character Experience

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