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Picture (banner) – "The Destruction of Thala" by Foalio (conceptualised).

Picture (background) – "The Grand Canal" by Neata, circa 412KR.

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Navigating through the various Planes of existence can be tough, especially with a guide who tends to prevaricate as often as the current "over-god" GeeMm. Set in the Forgotten Realms, starting in the Year 1379DR, our Kordova Setting manipulates a large geographical area of Faerun, primarily the Lake of Steam and the Western Shaar.

My Players and I have added a vast amount of home-brew content whilst still trying to maintain those little quirks (deities, events, races and myths) that make the Forgotten Realms so much fun. Also I'm a 'try-anything' kind of GM and so with no enforced direction from myself, the Players will generate many of their own adventures, vignettes and a large portion of the story (excepting Adventure Log 2, our first session). This emergent style suits our decisions to run multiple characters per player, downtime rules and other conceits that make our world feel that much more real to us all.

This being said, there are two Core Narratives, at least six Side Narratives and fifteen Emergent Narratives activated by myself at present. (Adventurers Guild). This is without adding those stories that come from any Role-Playing or Mechanical Interactions of the Players, Adventure Logs or background tales written by the players and myself to flesh out the setting.

For my Players (gratitude implied), there is an awful lot to keep track of. Fortunately these links should allow a bold adventurer a somewhat more informed approach to dissecting the world in which they find themselves.

1. A Complete Visitors Guide to Kordova

2. Chronology and Calendar

3. Culture and the Arts

4. Economy

5. Events and Festivals

6. History of Kordova and the Surrounding Regions

7. Home Brewed Goodness

8. Geography of the Lake of Steam and the Western Shaar Regions of Faerun

9. Geography of the Realms

10. Gossip and Employment

11. Guilds and Edicts of Kordova

12. Magic Items

13. Mundane Items

14. Player Secrets Compiled

15. Political Machinations

16. Religion in Kordova

17. Renown, Notoriety, Piety and Loyalty

18. Tales from the Fireside

19. Terrain and Miniatures

20. Worlds Within Worlds

21. Acknowledgments


Main Page

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