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Legendary Personality.

Loviatar (pronounced loh-VEE-a-tar), also known as The Maiden of Pain and The Willing Whip, is the goddess of agony. Loviatar is a cold-hearted bully, calculating and despotic; she is the supreme mistress of inflicting physical and psychological suffering and her portfolio includes Pain, Hurt and Torture. Her symbol is a nine-stranded whip, with barbed strands.


Deity (Intermediate Power).


Lawful Evil.

In Kordia:

In Kordova the Mistress of Pain's Church has risen to a particular and recent prominence. Queen Sydana has adopted the faith as her own. This has resulted in a gain in status for the Church of Loviatar as they now qualify as Kordova's only "pantheistic" state religion (See Religion in Kordova). King Ottovar has little interest in the gods of Faerun, or so he has been heard to say, and so Queen Sydana is free to promote the worship of Loviatar almost unopposed. This has in turn netted the Temple of Eviscerated Joy a considerable financial improvement alongside an increase in "worshippers" and a number of curious (read; fawning) noble-women.

Every year in Kordova the Temple of Eviscerated Joy hosts the climax of an event that honours Loviatar and a small sect of assassin/priests who share her worship. Pre-dating the official church in Kordova, The Red Sisters are honoured (and appeased) every year at a festival that bears their name. In recent times the festival has become increasingly well attended, and this year's event is set to coincide with not one, but two other district wide events; The Trade Fair of Waukeen and The Circus District's Open Gala.


House of Her Bloody Rose – Torsch.

Arri'adnaea – Loviataran 'Saint'.

The faith of Loviatar was the state religion in the country of Dambrath. Indeed the former rulers, the Crinti priestesses, had their own secret religious language, known colloquially as the "Maiden's Tongue".


Bringing pain and suffering is the aim of all Loviatarans, either through physical torture or sometimes more subtly and psychologically. Beauty, intelligence and acting are useful attributes of a Loviataran, but the ability to fully understand someone is the best skill a Loviataran can acquire, as knowing someone fully could help a Loviataran inflict maximum pain, one way or another.

Loviatarans engage frequently in self-flagellation, often in the morning when praying for spells. They celebrate each season with the Rite of Pain and Purity, a ritual that involves followers dancing on glass, thorns or barbed-wire while being whipped by higher-level Loviatarans. A smaller ritual occurring every twelve days involves followers passing their limbs through the flames of candles. During warfare, priestesses of Loviatar were known to scourge their naked shoulders or tear their cheeks with sharpened finger nails to evoke a magical response.


Loviatar's followers are actively encouraged to hinder and root out Ilmater's (the God of Suffering) followers in any and all places the two churches coincide.

Known Background:


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