"Sapphire Gates", "Pontoon Town".




Council of Nobles, headed bi-yearly by two Archons (magistrates).


Waukeen, Valkur, Tymora, Selune, Numerous Cults.

Political Inclination:

Trades cautiously with Kordia and Mivasch. Fiercely independent and has more in common with the earlier city states of the Lake of Steam or the small collection of 'nations' in the eastern Border Kingdoms region.


The 'small-port', home of smugglers, privateers and adventurers.


Sapphires, Exotic Liqueurs, Island Fruit, Serpentine Stone, Spine Fish and Emperor Crabs.


Staple food products. Finished Metalwork, Luxury Items.


Tolerated in its Kordian form. All proven Hylaean citizens surreptitiously freed and given 'cover' employment in the wharves until their erstwhile 'owners' have moved on.

Known Information: 


Noteworthy Citizens:

Archon Doracao.

Archon Jao-Tempan.

Admiral Christo Genoa.

Thrannik Oddfoot – Captain of Viella's Breath.

Alaena de Witte – First Mate, Viella's Breath.

Killain Shintar – Captain of Storm's Wrath.



The Alchemists are secretly contracted to the aid of the Derluskan Separatists on the Mainland, supplying them with Hylaean Wildfire, an ancient recipe closely guarded by the strange guild given special status in Hylaea.

The Archons are considering an expedition of a small fleet of vessels for an unknown purpose, perhaps something the inscrutable alchemists have 'cooked-up'. Private captains of a number of vessels have been seen attending meetings in the Naval Headquarters located in the 'large-port' harbour.

The price of quality ship-building timbers has increased dramatically due to the fighting that is taking place along the coastline near Derlusk.


The 'small-port' and 'large-port' or more formally Wharfside and Fairview Harbour, overlook the deceptively tight section of rocky islets between Hylaea Majora and Hylaea Minora (the Isle of the Dead). Of the two harbours the 'small-port' is by far the more cosmopolitan and interesting to the outside observer. Large pontoon landings erected out to 'sea' are chained to the lake floor, allowing vessels of a deeper berth access to the Hylaean docks, which has given rise to many enterprising locals with skiffs, coracles and the like plying a brisk trade in ferrying customers to the comforts of dry land. The narrow strip of Wharfside is drawn up against the towering volcanic cliffs that make up most of Hylaea's short northern coastline.

Isle of the Dead:

Hylaean nobility follow the internment practices of their dominant Kordian neighbours, constructing elaborately carved family tombs, whilst the poorer citizens are afforded a small niche, or urn, with an accompanying epithet. These decorate the western side of the Isle of the Dead, where the rockier ground means a more stable resting place than the mangroves and swamps on the east of the isle.

The Alchemical Research Compound: 

On the western side of the Isle of the Dead, secreted amongst the dank swampy area unused by the city's mausolea, lies the compound of the Order of Hylaean Alchemists. 

Notable Vessels: 

Archon's Pride – Hylaean Flagship. 

Storm's Wrath – Killain Shintar – Privateer.

Viella's Breath – Thrannik Oddfoot – Privateer.



The Destiny of Kord Khaz