House of Altan


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House Crest:

Eagle – Symbol of the Altan Dynasty and Winged Protector of Kordia.

Dragon – For their part in scouring the remnants of Drazzar's unfortunate reign from Kordova's hostoriy.

Keys – The linked prosperity brought by Markovar II's push for greater guilder inclusion.

Tower – The Citadel, seat of the Kordian Monarchy for more than 500 years.

Sphinx – Symbol of the ancient human realm of Turimvator, a short lived empire that ruled the reaches of the Lake of Steam, also one of Markovar II's inclusions in an effort to establish a trade based hegemony in the region.

Background: The present ruling house of Kordova and the greater Kordian Hegemony found themselves in power by way of compromise. 


Noteworthy Members (Alive and Dead):

[[:markovar | King Markovar]] – The Concilliator. (Deceased).

[[:andrea | Queen Andrea]] – Benefactor of many finer works (Deceased).

King Ottovar Altan I – Scourge of the Borderlands.


Attitudes and Alliances:

Traditionally allied with

Religious Considerations: The current Royal Cult fashioned around the ancestors of the Altan Dynasty is overseen by Sedero Ma, a trusted advisor to the previous Altan Monarch, Markovar II. A small group of dedicated warriors and attendants assist the Cult Priest in his daily activities, shrine upkeep and security (not a real consideration given its location). One of these keldan has been co-opted by seconder to the small group of Sunset Wanderers exploring the remains of King Drazzar's Vaults beneath the citadel (21st Elesias, 472 KR). Individual offerings at the shrine by the public are extremely rare, however during certain festivals and on Ottovar's name-day small groups of the poor are encouraged to ascend into the Citadel (on special passes) and attend the sanctum. This custom was part of King Markovar II and Queen Andrea's push for a lessening of social boundary in Kordova, both seeing it as an impediment to trade. 


Power Base:



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House of Altan

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