History of Kordova and the Surrounding Regions

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A collection of works and apocryphal tales concerning Thalasia, Kord that was, Kordova and her surrounding protectorates and regions. From the libraries of Balthas Carmino, patron of the University of Kordova and Master Curator of the Esteemed Order of Antiquarians.

The Bards Tale – Collected from numerous sources.

A Complete Visitors Guide to Kordova – Waukeenite Trade Fair Comittee.

The Consecration of Selune's Tear – Sortho Wodenatz.

Encyclopaedia Kordia by Khaz "She of the Golden Apple Reigns" GeeMmm.

A History of the Ash Wars by Danmara Whitelock – University Dissertation.

Kordovan Stratigraphy by Otho Maorea – Archaeological Survey.

Prophecies of the Crying Oracle by Randa Tarekk – Banned Text.

The Reign of King Drazzar, a paper by  Danmara Whitelock.

Thalasia to Present by Sortho Wodenatz – By Appointment to Her Majesty.

Thalasian Animism – Author Unknown.

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History of Kordova and the Surrounding Regions

The Destiny of Kord Khaz