Guilds and Edicts of Kordova

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The guilds of Kordova are many and varied, enjoying differing privileges and status dependent on tradition, relative power or royal favour. Whilst separate from the Monarchial power system in place, the guilds still operate their own courts and deal with members and non-members who transgress Kordova's Laws with equal legality and facility. The Royal Prosecutor is generally only concerned with larger crimes such as Murder, High Treason, Defamation of Royalty or the case of an individual or group breaking of a Royal Edict.

Belonging to a Guild is one of the essential ways for common-born Kordovan's to advance themselves within the city and greater hegemony of Kordia. Membership is granted on a guild by guild basis and some have archaic entry or membership rules. Generally speaking most guilds require membership of their guild alone. The following Guilds are exceptions or in some cases extrapolations to this tradition.

The University of Kordova – Entry to all (who can afford the fees). Most Kordovan guilds do not recognise University Membership as precluding membership to their ranks.

The Sunset Wanderers – As a Traditional Kordovan Guild and one concerned with matters often not in the realms of craft or trade the 'Wanderers' membership has traditionally been excepted by other guilds when assessing the suitability of a candidate. Ancillary to the Main Group of 'Wanderers' are The Many Hands of Waukeen founded by Erro and those members of Phae Gann's Brood who have formed a nucleus of older waifs and urchins around the person of Sharah for the purposes of information gathering.

Religious Associations and Churches – By Royal Edict the Churches of Kordova are exempted from Guild Law and as such membership of a church or cult (legal) does not preclude membership of any bar a select few guilds.

The Red Sisters – Exclusively female and exclusionist. No membership of any church other than Loviatar and no other guild, unless by permission of the High Mistress Pain.

Criminal Organisations – Highly dependent on whether the organisation has some nefarious plan of infiltration, a paranoid leader or is 'in-the-dark' concerning their operatives private behaviour.

Nobility – Kordovan nobility, and those of the greater hegemony, see trade amd craft guild membership as beneath them. If a noble belongs to a guild at all it will be a Traditional, Religious or other niche group within Kordova's guild structure.

Edicts and Laws of the City

Slavery in Kordova

The Conclave of Guilds:

Responsible for the staffing of guild courts, the setting of Stock Exchange & Commodity Prices, settling inter-guild disputes and genrally piloting Kordova's commercial sphere. The Conclave meets on the 15th of each month, although often the dialogue is mundane and the meeting breaks up well before noon.  Flamerule promises to be interesting however, with many festivals and events all culminating in Midsummer between Flamerule and Eleasias. Another year turns and Kordova's well milled coins turn with it.

Conclave of Guilds (Chaired Seat): 

Allied Gemcutters Union – Craft Guild.

Brotherhood of the Sacred Vault – Master Guild.

Burning Spear Legion – Military, Master Guild Rights.

House of Altan – Monarchy, Advisory Representative.

Kordovan Trade Council – Trade Guild.

Magna Circuli Magicae – Traditional Guild.

The Sunset Wanderers – Traditional Guild.

Undercity Hucksters – Trade Guild.

Conclave of Guilds (Representative Seat):

Allied Brewers and Distillers Guild – Craft Guild.

Ancient Order of Stonecutters – Master Guild.

Association of Benevolent Churches Minor Guild Rights.

Brotherhood of Runesmiths – Master Guild.

College of Heraldry and Nomenclature – Minor Guild.

Confraternity of Solicitors and Bailiffs – Master Guild.

Dyers and Weavers Guild – Craft Guild.

The Esteemed Order of Antiquarians – Minor Guild.

Fellowship of Travelling Merchants – Trade Guild.

Fraternity of Builders and Construction Workers – Craft Guild.

Foresters and Cartographers Guild – Minor Guild.

Guild of Metal Workers – Craft Guild.

The Innarith Combine – Trade Guild.

The Iron Fist(Kordova's "Secret" Police) – State Infrastructure.

Kordian Labour Co – Craft/Minor guild.

Kordovan Slavers Kollective – Trade Guild.

Lavranan Jewellers Cooperative – Craft Guild.

The Many Hands of Waukeen – Religious Offshoot.

Office of Bounties and Warrants – Minor Guild – MIlitary.

Old City Traders Alliance – Trade Guild.

The Opaline Ring – Trade Guild.

Pick and Shovel – Craft Guild.

Potters Alliance – Craft Guild.

The Red Sisters – Minor Guild – Religious.

Royal Association of Alchemists – Craft Guild.

Sorores Scientia et Magia – Minor Guild – History.

Swiftfoot Brethren – Minor Guild, Messengers.

Thespiana Kordova – Minor Guild – Acting.

Unified Grocers and Fruit Vendors – Trade Guild.

Criminal Organisations and Outlawed Guilds: 

The Blackened Blades – Criminal Organisation.

Etto Parade Boys – Criminal Gang.

The Flowery Hands of Dark Death – Minor Guild – Criminal.

The Guttersnipes – Criminal Organisation.

The Old Firm – Criminal Gang.

Phae Ganns Brood – Criminal Gang.

Song and Street – Minor Guild – Outlawed.

Troll Hats Brigade – Criminal Organisation.

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Guilds and Edicts of Kordova

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