Green Gold Spellbook

Recordings of Zannthiriisis, Spellbook.

Discovered amidst other ruined tomes in the top room of The Spyre, Thalandraea's tower of wizardry, beneath the modern city of Kordova. The language and script are archaic, but the ancient formulas are still relevant to the study of hermetic magic.


Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, Ray of Frost.

1st Level:

Charm Person, Detect Magic, Sleep.

2nd Level:

Detect Thoughts, Hold Person.

3rd Level:

Lightning Bolt, Water Breathing.

4th Level:

Blight, Dimension Door.

5th Level:

Dominate Person.


The spellbook would appear to have belonged to an entity named Zannthiriisis. However the arch-mage Anthalanos came into possession of the tome, his notations are obviously later inclusions on top of an older work. This would date the tome to an age of at least 600 years.

Green Gold Spellbook

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