Gossip and Employment

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Sometimes "Saving the Known Universe" just doesn't pay the bills. Here an adventurer or unwary visitor to Kordova may find any number of opportunities to strike it rich. Or end up face down in a darkened alley…it is after all, your choice…

Adventurers Guild – Contracts and Tales of The Sunset Wanderers.

Call of the Wild – The Regions immediately around Kordova.

Churchgoers – Jobs sponsored by or for Religious Authorities.

Distant Climes – Rumours of adventure from from Far Off Lands.

The Gossipmonger – The base words of tavern and street.

Guild Notices – Official Guild employment opportunities.

Military – Jobs for Kordova's Burning Spear Legion or Iron Fist.

Myths and Legends – Tales to curdle the blood and fire the mind.

Proscriptions – Warrants, Bounties and Guilder Courts.

Shady Business – Illegal 'work' and secrets for nefarious types.

Also, a page for Collected Secrets. As we expand the Campaign Setting the secrets are becoming harder and harder to cross reference. This collection should make it easier for Players to see individual Characters complete Secret Lists as updated to the last Adventure Log.

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Gossip and Employment

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