Geography of the Realms

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Being a collection of various texts, maps and charts from the wider reaches of Faerun and beyond. Those places relevant to Player Characters, their Backgrounds, Families and Religions.

"Ye can't ken who ye are, if ye don't ken where yer' from." – Kennard MacLorrdan.

Baldurs Gate – Sharah Bloodcast (PC).

Candlekeep – Calaith (PC).

Calimshan – Aeris (PC).

Cimbar – Her Majesty, Queen Sydana Altan (NPC).

Dambrath – Cathrykan Shintar (PC).

The Duskwood - Erro Moonshadow (PC).

The Great Rift – Silifrey Dotsk's (PC) Master's Homeland.

Halruaa – Trade Fair of Waukeen (Envoys/Merchants).

Icerim Mountains – Gaukin Lumberbearer Katho-Kakane (PC).

Kordova & Surrounds – Kosef Mara (PC).

Lurien – Land of Halflings (Trade Fair).

Sea of Fallen Stars – Killain Shintar (NPC).

City of Westgate – Lando Calraesa (PC).

The Underdark – Evnarra Rockcutter (PC).

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Geography of the Realms

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