Geography of the Lake of Steam and the Western Shaar

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Our Campaign Setting is quite large, and getting bigger all the time. This page will be regularly updated as the world around Kordova becomes more tangible, and locations beyond the scope of these two regions become more relevant…

Regions: Border KingdomsLake of Steam, Shaareach, The Vilhon Reach, Western Shaar, Shining Sea.

Nations: AdaerglastCalimshanChondath, Kordia, Mivasch Confederacy, Sespech.

City-States: Akror, Channathgate, Hylaea, Kormul, Lachom, Lushpool, Ormpur, Rethmar, Sebben, Shaarmid, Sheirtaar, Surkh, Themasulter, Yallasch.

Other Settlements: Ankhapur, Arrabar, Ashmoot, Derlusk, Ferenton, Fuerna, Herro, Iliak, Innarith, Lakes Edge, Londas, Marra, Mintar, Myrinjar, Ormpetarr, Rishadan, Saelmur, Salva, Sherra, Suldolphur, Tealda, Theymarsh, Torron, Torsch, Valda, Verga, Wensk, Yhep.

Burning Spear Outposts: Castle Rising, Dusk Fort, Fort Renata, Fort Torron, Legions Rest, Redwyn Gate.

Geography: Ankhwood, The Ashwood, Channathwood, The Chondalwood, Cloven Mountains, The Deepwater, The Duskwood, Firesteap MountainsLake Lhespen, LhespenbogMisty Vale, Nagawater, The Nagaflow, Qurth Forest, Rathgaunt HillsRiver Arran, River Malravan, Shaareach Forest, Shaarwood, Shalane Lake, Talar River, Theywood, The Thornwood, Whisperwind Hills, The Winterwood.

Features: The Arnrock, Blaskaltar, Castle of Dark Dreams, Castle Sulter, Castle Verga, Erruggar's Shrine, The Golden Road, The Landrise, Redwyn Pass, Terranta Estate, Way of Conquest, The Wormbones.

Legendary Locations: Apre Thala, The Bottomless Caves, Font of Cervellana, Hyradraea, Island of Olodel, Khun Drukkalk, Lake Moot, Maze of Khenzar, Pits of the Devourer, Plateau of the Four Winds, The Shimonar, Spire of the Coven, Sthiss Ran, Thalandraea, Tower of Shade, Valdenasa, The Vauntagar.

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Geography of the Lake of Steam and the Western Shaar

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