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Kordova is a city built on land ownership, trade and mining. It is diverse and bountiful in resources, with a volcanic soil, deposits of metal ore and gemstones and fertile flatlands adjacent to a significant waterway. Her proximity on the Golden Road and at the end of the Lake of Steam mean that goods and services from all over Faerun may be found within her markets. The guilds set the prices for various commodities in brackets of 3 months, or as emergency dictates. Private enterprises are of course welcome to alter or match these prices as they see fit.


Coin cp sp ep gp pp
Copper (cp) 1  110  150  1100  11,000
Silver (sp) 10 1  15  110  1100
Electrum (ep) 50 5 1  12  120
Gold (gp) 100 10 2 1  110
Platinum (pp) 1,000 100 20 10 1

Additionally, Kordovans use a rectangular platinum trade denomination known as a Guild-Bar. These are valued at 25gp each and represent the traditional entry fee to one of Kordova's many guilds.

Illicit Trade - for Kordova's less-than-legal operators.

Markets and Shops - A list of markets, wares and relevant shops.

Services in Kordova - odd jobs, inscribing, construction, etc…

Slavery in Kordova - the legal and illegal trade in humanoid flesh.

Taxation / Tarriffs: Merchants and would-be speculators alike must be licensed to sell the products they are displaying. Guild Membership in one of the nominated Trade Guilds, personal Sales Charter (available from 50gp upwards, depending on type) or Foreign Dock Pass are the legal methods of sale for a budding entrepreneur. Any other trade is considered illegal and subject to Guild Law. In practice small vendors, markets and the like are ignored, particularly south of the Grand Canal.

Guild Taxation is independently levied and then paid to the state by the guild as a whole. For example the Sunset Wanderers have traditionally taken only 10% of an Adventurers earnings in exchange for their membership and add only the caveat of honest work about the Guild-Hall. Others, like the Hucksters or Opaline Ring tax as much as 25-30% from their membership and have strict rules of expenditure and territory. Guild membership may be expensive, but it can mean protection from gangs, rivals or the ravages of the marketplace.




Gem Exchange: (Kythorn to Elesias).

Fire Agate - Fragment: 1sp, Uncut: 2gp, Cut: 10gp, Flawless: 25gp.

Rhodochrosite (Rosenstone) – Fragment: 2sp, Uncut: 3gp, Cut: 12gp, Flawless: 50gp.

Ruby - Fragment: 30gp, Uncut: 1,500gp, Cut: 4,950gp, Flawless: 6,500gp.

Oligoclase (Sunstone) – Fragment: 2cp, Uncut: 8sp, Cut: 7gp, Flawless: 15gp.

Topaz – Fragment: 5gp, Uncut: 75gp, Cut: 250gp, Flawless: 400gp.

Tourmaline – Fragment: 1gp, Uncut: 20gp, Cut: 110gp, Flawless: 250gp.

Yellow Diamond – Fragment: 160gp, Uncut: 2,300gp, Cut: 5,500gp, Flawless: 10,000gp.

Other: (Excepting Opal) As Valued.


Opal Exchange: (Kythorn to Elesias).

Fire and Conglomerate Opal.

Slag: 2sp, Fragment: 5gp, Uncut: 125gp, Cut: 750gp, Flawless: 1,000gp, Perfect: 2,500gp.

Black Opal

Slag: 3sp, Fragment: 7gp, Uncut: 145gp, Cut: 850gp, Flawless: 1,250gp, Perfect: 5,000gp.


Other Economic Notes: (Kythorn to 15th Flamerule).

The current price of raw Cotton and Linen products is extremely low. Recent developments to the south and in the city of Kordova herself have caused a drop in prices. Merchants scramble to fill wagons and attempt the journey north to make good on the summer season of the Vilhon Reach and Eastern Heartlands.

This years Wine Crop looks promising with the start of picking still unset by the Priests of Chauntea. However all reports point to a bumper harvest despite the dallying of the Goddess of Plenty's clergy. Typically grapes are picked by variety in Kordova from late Flamerule right through until late Marpenoth.

The price of Fruit and Vegetables continues to fluctuate wildly. Caused by a glut of supply from the valley's east of Kordova the price had dropped dramatically allowing the poor some much needed respite. However the produce is now often over-ripe and useless shortly after purchase with merchants at a loss to explain how perfectly good fruit can seed and in some case attempt to re-grow almost overnight.

Slave Prices are at an all time high. Between construction crews for the unskilled work, seasonal estate picking beginning soon and the strain of many extra visitors for the festival and trade season the price of an healthy individual slave can be as much as a small carriage or brace of hunting dogs. Given Kordova's strict laws governing slavery a rumour has begun to do the rounds that common folk will be 'conscripted' to finish some of the Royal Family's more ambitious work projects.

Land prices have risen sharply along the coastline around Rishadan. Expanded dockworks and warehouse allocation has been the main cause, although many of the new buildings lie vacant, their spaces unused.

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