Duskwood Elves

Duskwood Elves.

Statistics: As given for 'Wood-Elf' in elven section of Players Handbook.

Options: Duskwood (Wood) Elves may opt to replace the automatically gained Proficiency with Longbows for the chosen Weapon of their Clan. (See: GM for appropriate weaponry).

Devoted Clans:

The elves of the Duskwood form closely knit clans of no more than eight to ten families, often numbering no more than 30 to 40 individuals in total. Each clan devotes itself to a particular weapon, using this above all others and often incorporating the implement into hunting, dance or daily use as well as employing it as an instrument of war. It is a grave insult to strike a Duskwood Elf with ones bare hand or fist as they consider it vulgar and a grave invasion of their personal space.


Living in either seasonal lean-tos or hide tents, the semi permanent camps of the Duskwooders are difficult to find and perilous to attack. Pits and other traps line the perimeter with many of the 'residents' using rope swings or tree-bridges to come and go from the sites. Dance and song are common during the evenings and most elven families live simple semi-subsistent lives off the bounty of the forest. Every few years the clans come together in Moot in one of the many sacred glades deep in the woods. Events and marriages are arranged, whilst the younger elves show off their prowess with their clan's chosen weapon.


Unique also among elves in the Realms, the Duskwooders pay homage primarily to Fenmarel Mestarine, his sacred grove their most holy of sites. Other members of the Seldarine are held in regard by the elven clans, however their bond with their weapon, and with the outcast of the elven gods (Fenmarel) is stronger still. Sunset Grove used to lie within the borders of the wood, but now rests isolated alongside the river Malravan, on the south side, close to Kordova's Transient Camps.


Taciturn and very secretive, the clans of the Duskwood compete with Orcs, Beholders, Reptilian monstrosities and more mundane creatures for space and security. In addition the predations of logging teams from the various cities of Kordia and beyond are slowly encroaching on the denser parts of the woodland that have survived cataclysms, the sweeping winds of the Shaar and all manner of strange events. The clans have an uneasy relationship with Kordova and her dependents, preferring to remain aloof from humanity, despite the obvious risks ignoring this expansionist state (Kordia) could entail.

Prominent Clans of the Duskwood:

Clan of the Long-Spear (the Duskwood Spear, Half-Pike) – Warleader (elaver): Akrom (Akro'millandrin), Erro's father.

Clan of the Slashing Sword (Sabre) - Elaver: Fellan'derin Fairhead.

Clan of the Curved Bow (Shortbow) – Elaver: "Mother" Tress'elladrein.

Clan of the Seasoned Axe (BattleAx) – Elaver: First Thrower Ganall'ellerdrim.

Duskwood Elves

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