Derneals Rest


The Many Hands of Waukeen.


The Warrens, Kordova.


Clerical House and Storage Facility.

Expected Inhabitants:

One Waukeenite Cleric, Two Professional Temple Guards, various acolytes or community members during the daytime.

Known Information:

The House in Fletcher's Square run by the newly formed Many Hands of Waukeen. Derneal's Rest is named for their first casualty, Derneal, a trader's son who lost his life fighting the Quaggoth and Old Firm in Northgate on the 18th Flamerule 472KR.


Erro Moonshadow may or may not have made use of the tunnel entrances beneath the house that the Sunset Wanderers first encountered on the 14th Flamerule 472KR.

Derneals Rest

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