Current Updates

An overview of work being done on the city of Kordova, the adventures and the world they belong to. It occurred to the 'Over-God' GeeMmm this week that as this gets larger we will definitely need a more public record than our forums…

13/12/2012 – Major Update In Progress.

Current Treasure. Unclaimed, Guild and Personal Stuff from the Past Sessions.

Some Phone-Photos of Terrain, Minis, etc… Placed in Updated Gallery Snapshots.

Renown: Party Renown. Updated for Sunset Wanderers, Individuals to follow.

Boots on the Ground – Ideas to expand the Guild (not exclusive). Potentials – Quailyth (Coming to Kordova), Baldrin (Lando Dependant), Raniir (Rescued), Gulgan Strongback Katho-Feranar (Rescued), Bors (MHoWaukeen), Timonea (Phae Gann’s Brood), “Fattie” Fanin (Phae Gann’s Brood). Cosetta (Kosef's Freelance Contact). Level up for Expedition C Members Pending.

Please Note: Xanathar's Guide now being used.

(Exception: Adamantine Weapon Rules – No. Just No.)

Media Library Being Fixed.

NPC's & PC's Labeled, Heraldry, Locations & Maps to Follow.

Adventure Logs:

Numbers 1 – 5, 100%.
6. The Social Event of the Year – 60%.
Numbers 7 – 9, 100%.
10. The Abundance of Sherra – 40%.
11. Fairs, Feasts and Being Feted – 65%.
12. A Return to Kordova – 1%.
13. The Temple Complex of Thalandraea – 20%.
14. A Royal Invitation – 1%.
15. Dwarven Culture, Kordovan Meetings and a Cautionary Tale – 10%.

16. Onwards - Logs, Catch Ups and Related Info being done. 

Character Updates:

Any changes to characters:

A – E
Clemente Diallo

F – L

Link Change for Lando - PC Tag added.
M – R:
S – Z

Vergano of Londas

GM Story Updates:

The Endless Gears of War next section being written.

Major Changes to Adventurers Guild.

The War of the Seasons start posted (unrelated story fun).

Map Updates Pending on Hall of the Sunset Repairs / Construction.

A Woman Scorned – Started. (Multiple "Time" vignettes).

Beyond the Stars – Calaith Loreweaver (#1Dream Seq. Done).

Paths to Glory – Lando Calraesa. Started.

Spoiled Leftovers Gaukin LKK. Started.


Background & World Updates:

Factions of Kordia being updated (12/05/17).

Noble Houses of Kordia. Massive Changes.

Hylaea – under construction.

Secrets Updates:

Major Changes to Player Secrets Compiled. Shifted descriptions from Adventurers Guild and activated pages. I'll compile them at the end of this run of background, story and character updates.

Rumours Updates:


Item Updates:
Green Gold Spellbook
Bronze Statues

Wondrous Geography – Locations & Denizens.

Tykar’s Blackest Night – Armour; Kosef. Reality Mirror; Calaith. Magretor’s Gift; Evnarra.
Throkar Keystone; Silifrey. Official Deed of Inception / Dedication; Cathrykan. Challenge Proclamation; Lando. Bracers of Elemental Control (Earth); Andrukkar. Oathbow; Sharah. Cursed Helm of Revenge; Meera.

Waukeen's Command.

Rules Updates:

Please note that the following are the ONLY ways other than becoming an Artificer or Rune Smith (non-multi-class-able) that a PC may manufacture magical items beyond the basic class abilities such as Scrolls, Potions, Masks, Charms etc…

Empowered Script – Completed.

Empowered Artifice – Completed.

Unearthed Arcana updates and playtests. Check with Aiidan or Khaz.

Map Updates:

New Map for Bel Sydana District Done. Others to Follow.

Westgate and The Citadel Districts next.

Current Updates

The Destiny of Kord Khaz