Bronze Statues

Ancient Male and Female Matched Bronzes.

Two Statues. Each approximately 2 feet in height. Made from Bronze and partially melted around their rectangular bases. Each is solid and of a hefty weight.


A warrior figure, depicted as striding forward, axe across shoulders and one hand shielding his gaze into the distance. The artist has contrived to give this kingly statue an air of thought and forward momentum as if trying to indicate that the person (if it is indeed an historical depiction) was not just a man of steel and death. Beneath the feet on the top of the base, in old common is inscribed the following;

"He Reigns by Acclamation"


Hands clasped to bosom and a kindly expression have been used to make this statue appear soft and delicate despite its heavy metallic medium. She has an almost ethereal quality, testifying to the skill of the Changeling and Human artisans of the ancient land of Thalasia. There is an note of sadness to the features that is difficult to place but evident to any who study the statue for some time with an open eye.

Beneath the feet on the top of the base, in old common is inscribed the following;

"She has Returned to Him"

Beneath Kordova, amongst the ruins of old Thalandraea, the Party discovered the ancient tower of wizardry know to historians as The Spyre. The massive chamber in which they found themselves also contained many other destroyed structures, some of domestic use and others more obviously religious. The Party found two matching bronze statues in what once must have been a stately home. This was covered mostly by the hardened layers of ash, magma and superheated rock  that are the legacy of the final days of the Ash Wars. Calaith believes that the depiction of the Warrior is one of King Kord the Preserver although he as yet does not have confirmation of this hypothesis. 

Bronze Statues

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