Arrival and Commencement

1. Work for the Dole.

(Heard in hushed whispers, late at night in taprooms and bars along the streets adjacent to the unfinished Way of Conquest). 

The Burning Spear (Legion) will soon be rounding up common folk to do the construction work previously done by slaves. The Queen Sydana has been heard to proclaim loudly that excess baggage should be made to earn its keep and press gangs already operate along the new quays to the south, looking for bargemen and rowers. Now there's talk that with all the unfinished construction throughout Kordova, the Warrens and the Twists may become hunting grounds for Burning Spear press gangs looking for masons, labourers and artisans to finish the vast areas of the New Palace, Water Gardens and Legion District.

2. You there Slave….oh wait, nevermind.

(Heard frequently in all parts of New Kordova and possibly also the Citadel (Old Kord).

Slaves have become a scarce commodity. Not that they're not still pouring into the city mind you. It's just that there never seems to be one around when you need one. Most consignments stay outside in the Pens for a period of about three to four days before being directly transferred to work sites in the Citadel or Legion districts.

3. White Walkers and a Wailing Waif.

(Told across Kordova by craftsmen and labourers working around the Water Gardens and the residents of the adjoing districts).

"Have you heard the noises…pitiful and horrifying at the same time. I tell you I cannot stand it every single night. Brother mine, if the Spear don't go in one night and fix whatever makes that keening wail I'll move to the Flats. And I'll prosecute in Guild-Court for compensation…"

Residents in the streets surrounding the Water-Gardens district, which despite the massive workforce present in the city is still far from completion, have reported a nightly wail that rises from somewhere in the gardens between midnight and dawn. The keening is intermittent and "witnesses" claim it sounds as if a young girl were lost or crying for something misplaced. Workmen from the Gardens site have also reported white figures, misshapen and shambling, in the morning and evening mists. Despite the slow speed of these figures, no work-party has yet been brave enough to approach and the potential danger has halted work in some areas. The matter is rumoured to be tabled for discussion at next Highday's Guild Conclave.


No need for Discussion anymore, the members of the Sunset Wanderers present for the Rumble in the Square between the Etto Parade Boys and the Old Firm, found the cause of these disturbing rumours later that night. Mykala, a former cleric of Selune who survived the Consecration of Selune's Tear, was found raving and emotional in the unfinished district of the Water Gardens. She has been left in the care of the University Sanatorium with a monthly stipend paud for the service. Both Silvio and KIthri (prior to her departure on the 14th) seemed quite interested in these events.

4. The Monster in the Tower.

(Passed on only from trusted source to trusted source lest The Iron Fist get wind of anything bordering on "heresy").

"The Selunites spoke truly. The Queen has four children, not three, and has birthed a Monster. They have kept it secret for years and men have died lest the public find out. The white tower inside the New Palace constructions houses the beast, and guards stand at the door at all hours. Surely this is the Doom of which the Crying Oracle spoke. Living with that monstrous foreign witch must be the source of our King's strange malady. We must act to rid our city of this curse once and for all."

5. A District Wide Event.

(Plastered across all of Kordova, both legally and illegally, on walls or graffitoed in taverns, brothels and dockside bars).

The Gala.

Come One and All to the Greatest Event held in all the South Lands. A five day Spectacle of Art, Drama and Music. See Acts and Marvels from across Faerun and beyond. Culinary delights from across the Southern Kingdoms. A Once-in-a-Lifetime Event. {Dates 18th-22nd Flamerule}.

6. The Mournful Toll of the Gong.

(Heard almost continuously in the eastern half of the city and when the mists are in from the Lake of Steam across the west as well).

The regular sound of a huge brass gong punctuates the cries of street vendors, gossiping locals and the jostling of the crowds, carrying above the noise like the metronome of some primordial organist. Most folk are used to the sound (it has been heard for some 4 months) and have tuned it into the background of their lives. When pressed for an explanation (the sound originates in the Legion District) military officials are quick to state that the gong is a time-keeping device for the slave work shifts underneath and about the district.

Whatever it's cause it can still be distracting at odd moments, and it may take some time for a visitor to become accustomed to the sound. One popular story amongst the urchins of the Warrens and Twists is that the gong sounds whenever the wicked queen eats another baby. So watch out for the patrols and keep your nose down or it could be you.

7. A Right Royal Engagement?

(A conversational favourite of many across Kordova at present, especially maidens of a marriageable age).

Amongst those who care for such news the sound of wedding bells rings loudly in the air. The Princess will marry the dashing young noble-man Ernesto Hermetta. Son of the Hermetta Lord known as "the Mad". Nothing crazy about 'Handsome Hermetta', swoon the young ladies, and indeed he would appear to be a fantastic catch. Even for a Princess. A member of Prince Sergio's staff and an active knight, he is the picture of physical health and youthful vigor. Rumoured to be the favoured choice of the Queen, their engagement is certain to be announced at the commencement of festivities in barely two weeks time.

8. A Feisty Feline.

(An old tale on the streets of Kordova, used as an ice-breaker in taverns when talking to 'Outers' in the hopes of some mirth at their expense, or the discovery of a gullible mark.")

"Did I ever tell you about what my cousin Angus had from the Ironmonger that he swears has to be the truth on account of him having heard it from his gran."

There is a talking cat that stalks the streets of Kordova by night protecting other felines and granting wishes to those human folk that please it. The cat can be summoned by leaving out a saucer of milk with a silver piece, though gold works best, in the bottom of the pool of milk. If the creature accepts your offering the milk and coin will disappear and pleasant dreams will come in the night. Good luck will follow and you need no longer fear to cross the path of a black cat.


An obvious 'put-up-job' the story does contain a small grain of truth. Interested parties should refer to the heightened numbers of felines in the region around the Hall of the SUnset, or direct their inquiries to our resident cat lady, Sharah Bloodcast.

9. No Rights for the 'Wicked'.

(The Circus District is ‘a-buzz’ with the latest rumour).

Rumpledan the Purple has received a consignment of some questionable legality and highly exotic nature. It seems that the new and as yet inconsequential church of Cyric wish to expand their profile by producing a gift that no-one can top. A Tiefling, under executive permission from Darvan Muertollia. This appears to be all in aid of the Party Exotica being thrown by local dilletante Halifax Quinto. Unfortunately, word has gotten out (maybe even from the clergy themselves) and the surprise may be ruined. The impact though may still be as they (the Cyricists) wish. The Tiefling is also rumored to be an upcoming display in the Menagerie of Horrors pending the wishes of the gift's recipient Halifax Quinto

Emergent Narrative – Activated – No Rights for the 'Wicked'.

10. Butchered in Northgate.

On the 19th of Flamerule, during festivities and a quiet trading time for the vast warehouses in Northgate (trade is focused on smaller items and party food/drink etc…) the local Burning Spear Legion barracks discovered a gruesome scene of carnage. Up to ten men are rumoured to have died, their bodies stacked carelessly behind sacks and disused crates. Found with them was the stinking corpse of a large hairy creature with hideous fangs and claws, although the men appeared to have died from weapon cuts and in many cases shattered skulls and internal injuries. Authorities are said to be disturbed by the violence and presence of the creature, although the exact nature of the events surrounding the abandoned warehouse are yet to be determined.

Arrival and Commencement

The Destiny of Kord Khaz