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Altana is a relatively quiet district, populated by high ranking guilders, churchers and foreigners (often merchants). Some noble families maintain town houses here, although most are of a modest size. One exception is the estate of House Quinto home to the near legendary party-thrower and dilettante, Halifax Quinto.




Estate of House Quinto – Noble Estate 'Compound'.

High House of the Morning – Temple of Lathander.

Kaffe Eadelmar – Brewed Beverages from the Far South.

Markovar's Mansion – Private Hospital Facility.



Notable Figures:

Halifax Quinto


Of note recently in Altana are several small archaeological digs being carried out in her back streets. Two are sponsored by the University, whilst the third is a private dig run by associates of Danmara Whitelock and the Sorores Scientia et Magica.

Halifax Quinto's Party Exotica. 14th Flamerule.


Altana, once known simply as the Barracks, is a new addition to the time-weathered face of Old Kord (The Citadel, as Queen Sydana insists it be called). From the time of King Giacomo Bosra II (some 90 years ago) the district fell into disuse as a home for military families and practice halls as the newer Legion Headquarters in the valley below became connected by fortifications to the Old City. In its place the last Kings of the Bosra dynasty began a series of well-laid out streets with the intention of seeding minor nobility, military staff and guild-members who had pleased them throughout a palatial district of green by-ways and well appointed town-houses.


In the aftermath of the power struggle between House Bosra and House Altan, which ultimately led to the former's demise, what would become Altana underwent a further series of changes. Narrower streets were installed and the landed gentry and richer guilders became the most prominent of citizens in the district. Most smaller noble families retired to other more spacious areas immediately outside the old walls or nearer the university. Additionally this was a time of an increase in the incidence of the "holidaying" noble from the Lake of Steam city states. Many families choosing to own small vineyard estates in Kordova's hills and valley region where the fertile volcanic soil allowed for rapid and productive growth. Such land purchases increased Kordova's coffers immensely and provided a ready supply of minor nobility of 'the right sort' with which to expand the horizons of the city.

Visitors to Altana may be forgiven for wondering if there are any shops or amenities beyond the sparsely attended temples and shrines. Commerce does exist here, but it is of a more civilised, 'inside-the-shop' variety, rather than hawking wares in the bare streets. Similarly the taverns and bars of the district tend towards an earlier closing time, and rowdy behaviour is frowned upon. Altana locals are in general orderly and mind their own business. Refuse is kept to a minimum and there are regular patrols of Legionaries either traversing the district or based in the many towers of the old walls.

There are two gates in the south of the district. The first (previously the Gate of the Moon) named for Queen Sydana's home city, the Cimbar Gate. This leads to the unfinished Water Gardens and the teeming alleyways of Kordova's poorer southern districts. The second is simply being referred to as Legion Gate and is the most recent addition to Altana. This gate leads into the restricted Legion District.

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