Adventurers Guild

The Sunset Wanderers, under the leadership of Silvio, have begun the long climb back to prominence in the city of Kordova. Players will find here the threads, narratives and information required to become active members, or opponents, of the guild.

UPDATING EMERGENTS – 11/12/2017 (still).

(When I have these done to a certain stage I will place a date and notation on the forum for a response from each Character. At the end of each segment of story there will appear an OoC note. ATM, Calaith is the template… Beyond the Stars). Notes and threads being assembled…

Core Narratives:

The Doom of Kord – Begins Front Page.

The Endless Gears of War – Begins Front Page.

Persistent Problems:

Boots on the Ground – Recruitment of members.

Cult Correspondence – The Brothers of Ash and Flame.

Portals to Destruction – A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Refitting the Hall – The repairs and improvements.

Strange Geography – Investigating the Duskwood.

Sunset Vault – The status of the Guild Finances.

Emergent NPC Tales:

Arkaela and Raniir – Arkaela N'lockk. – (An actual happy ending!!) OMG

The Madness of the Moon – Kithri Yellowbriar & Mykala.

No Rights for the 'Wicked' – Jelira.

The Trouble with Kenjii – Hirada Kenjii & The "Jade Cobra".

A Woman Scorned – Alaena de Witte, Silvio & Bryana of the Blade.

Emergent Player & Party Tales:

The Darker Path – Erro Moonshadow.

Beyond the Stars – Calaith Loreweaver.

Experimental Medicine – Evnarra Rockcutter.

Fragments from the Past – Party.

Of Vivid Scarlet and Velvet Black – Sharah Bloodcast.

Aspirations of Grandeur – Cathrykan Shintar.

Spoiled Leftovers – Gaukin Lumberbearer Katho-Kakane.

Under Observation – Kosef Mara.

Honour Bound – Silifrey Dotsk.

Paths to Glory – Lando Calraesa.


Adventurers Guild

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