A Complete Visitors Guide to Kordova

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Ah, Kordova. Her streets full of the wares and peoples of the south lands. Straddling the ancient Golden Road that runs southward from the Vilhon Reach, she perches like a dominant bird of prey at the eastern end of the Lake of Steam. Woe to her foes and great beneficence to friends both near and far. Here are her glorious streets and byways, detailed for the casual observer or the aficionado alike; laid out by your humble servant in as logical a way as is possible for such a teeming metropolis. At last count there were officially 150,000 residents, and some 30,000 in the hills, dales and wooded areas nearby. So apologies good visitor if by omission of some small detail a whiff of some adventure or useful information goes astray. Welcome to our city, my city, the jewel of the south lands and beyond. Welcome to Kordova.

Vitalstatistix, population, trade goods, overview and stats.

Tourists Please Note: Bronze Streets are Unrestricted in Access. Silver Streets require an official Military, Church or Guild Pass (more rarely a Royal Pass). Golden Streets require the same passes and an explanation upon presentation at various checkpoints. The Legion controlled territory along the River Malravan is "Out-of-Bounds" to all without a Military Pass directing them specifically to the area.


AltanaBel SydanaBel TevalyaBordonnaCarmino

The CircusDocksideThe FlatsGuilder DistrictLavrana

Legion DistrictNorthgateOld Burning Spear Legion HQ

Palace DistrictSelunes TearTanners BendThala

The TwistsThe University of KordovaThe Walls

The WarrensThe Water GardensWestgate

Other Areas:

Foreign DocksMilitary WharvesOrc CampsSalva

Slave CampsTransient CampsVinyards

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A Complete Visitors Guide to Kordova

The Destiny of Kord Khaz