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  • Gorim Kezig

    The door-warden, man-servant and permanent fixture of the [[Estate of House Quinto]]. See [[Tales from the Fireside]], [[Halifax Quinto]], by Alastair_Manchild. *GM Secret.*

  • Wenlorr

    *Known Background:* The lecherous and often drunk cook of the Quinto estate is one of the favourites of the lord, given his skills, and least favourite amongst the other servants. Wenlorr just cannot seem to be able to help chivying most serving ladies …

  • Steward Gondario

    *Known Background:* The ranking servant at the Lake's Edge country estate of [[House of Carmino |House Carmino]], Gondario was once a battle-servant to a Hylaean Knight, before settling further east within Kordova's growing borders. His attention to …

  • Urnan Keata, Sergeant-At-Arms

    *Known Background:* Urnan is the sergeant-at-arms responsible for the barely necessary defences of the country retreat of House Carmino. He served (briefly and many years ago) with the Legion of the Burning Spear, a fact he reminds people of often and at …

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