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  • A Letter for Cathrykan

    Dearest Sister in Pain,

    Please allow me to first apologise for the actions of my oft-times rude and thoughtless younger brother. I personally had the good fortune to be present when the carriage intended for your honoured person …

  • Lord Iras Salva, Warden of the Ports

    *Title(s):* Lord of the Royal Council, Warden of the Ports. *Race:* Human. (Kordia). *Religion:* [[Waukeen]], attends many services for [[Loviatar]] given his [[:dolorea | daughter's]] position. *Family:* [[House Salva]]. Wife - Laura Salva. …

  • Leanora

    Leanora has been seen in the company of a young, rakish looking gentleman lately. Both her mother and father, vegetable sellers from the town of [[Salva]] are concerned and have publicly berated her. Much to the amusement of their neighbours. The young …

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