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    Badger Mice.

    The small hybrid breed of mammal unique to the environs of the Duskwood and its' smaller cousin to the east, and in the west the Ashwood. Currently the population of Badger-Mice is at plague proportions. …

  • Crawler Mucus

    Cost: 200gp. Uncommon.


    Natural, Excretion/Harvested. This poison must be harvested from a dead or incapacitated Carrion Crawler, a favourite job for Adventurers from Thieves or Assassins …

  • Purple Worm Poison

    Cost: 2,000gp. Very Rare.


    Natural. Harvested from the excretions of a Purple Worm's maw or ducts (preferably whilst the creature is dead or incapacitated). 

    Method …

  • Serpent Venom

    Cost: 120gp. Common.


    Natural. This poison must be harvested from a dead or incapacitated variety of giant poisonous snake. Some exotic human cultures, and Yuan-Ti, keep such creatures for …

  • Trigarios (Deceased).

    *Known Information:* Trigarios and [[:crig | Crigemnos]] came to Sherra some months past as the seasons were turning from winter into spring. Armed with a little local knowledge of the impressionable western dale-folk's religious inclinations and two …

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